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I Am Glad That The Weather Gets To Return To Normalcy Now by cryptopie

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I Am Glad That The Weather Gets To Return To Normalcy Now
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It is predicted that we will still get Typhoons before the year ends so I am praying that we will not experience such bad weather again. The corrugated steel roof of the house is dripping and now had made the plywood ceiling to wilt.

I just hope that this house would get to survive until I would get the chance to renovate it. I just have to make sure that I will not use all my money just to fix the house because it is my priority to ensure my medical needs are met before doing some drastic and serious decisions since the expense for renovating a house really needs serious amounts of money.

But I am excited what the cyptocurrency will offer me especially #bitcoin which is now getting more valuable as time asses by because it is predicted that it will get to the price of $100K which for me is really a life-saver because for one reason cryptocurrency had been my tool that had made me survive my situation in life considering that not much people around in my life are helping except for those from the Internet which I value with all my heart because of their being a true friend that really cares for my situation and condition in life.

I am a bit confident that things in my life will fall into its proper place. Many good things already had happened in my life so maybe many more good things short of a miracle will get to happen still and it makes my life even more exciting despite that physically it seems like it is hopeless.

My heart is till full of hope especially if I know that some people are with me with my fight and effort to improve my life and have it pulled from a neck-deep of problems that I myself know is impossible to breakthrough if not from the love and support from my friends in many parts of the world.

Anyway life is not a cakewalk so I just have to be braver than what I am now because it is a hard thing to live if you are alone especially now that I am sickly and not even have the worth of being glanced at but I am lucky to have people that loves me and that is what is important for me especially if God himself is showing his love for me through all the good people influencing my life for me betterment and survival through my journey of self-improvement.


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