Fundamental Truths About Money, Success, and Happiness That Most People Do Not Know by lordling

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Fundamental Truths About Money, Success, and Happiness That Most People Do Not Know
Most fundamental truths about life revolve around the idea of striving for excellence. These lessons come easy to children and make life much simpler. In this article I'll give a brief explanation about what constitutes as a fundamental truth and the importance of striving for excellence in life.
One of the most fundamental laws of life is the golden rule, which states, 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you'. It is often forgotten that this golden rule has been adopted not only by society but also by all animals. Animals do it without thinking; they just do. However, humans are the one who have invented niceties such as charities, schools and hospitals. When you treat others well it reflects on your own behavior and thus your social reputation.

This principle is the most important of all because it states that we should do unto others as we would have them do unto us. If you behave in a way that is consistent with this law, you will find that other people will reciprocate and treat you kindly, which in turn will increase your own sense of success and self-worth. People with poor personal lives are often ignored or treated like dirt.

By acting generous towards others you will gain the respect of those around you. You will also learn that kindness and generosity will breed more kindness and generosity. This teaches the art of treating people with respect as you would a respected relative. It is a basic principle that is taught at a very young age in every institution of learning, from kindergarten, to high school and beyond.

Another fundamental law of life is that people are what they want to be. If you want good friends, then you will go out of your way to make sure that they are happy. If you want a supportive partner then you will do all you can to make sure they feel positive about themselves. The more you invest yourself into other people's lives, the more you will succeed in your own life.

Believing that you can live without being successful is also another fundamental truth of life. There are too many people who live lives of dissatisfaction because they are not happy with what they are doing. They will blame other people, God, the government, and almost everything in between. Their happiness ends up being dependent on other people's misery and unhappiness.

Believing that you have no control over the events in your life is another fundamental truth of life. The truth is, however, that you have total control over these events by using the Law of Attraction to bring them about. You can use the Law of Attraction to bring about peace in your relationships, success in your career, amazing wealth, and amazing abundance. By believing in these principles, you will become a happier person and your life will be enriched.

You will never be truly happy until you realize that you are, indeed, the creator of your own life. Other people's happiness depends on your happiness. The more you invest in your life, the more happiness you will experience. You can become wealthy without working for a decade, or you can become a doctor, a nurse, an engineer, and so on. However, the only way you will ever experience true success in life is by choosing to live your life like others do, by believing that your own happiness is predetermined, and by making yourself happy, regardless of what other people think.

Are you someone who harps on about being "lucky?" I'm sorry if that is what you are saying, but such talk is merely self-pitying. "If I am lucky enough to have a mom who is a doctor, a dad who is an engineer, and good friends who are professionals, then God, why don't I end up being just like them?" Of course you didn't come into this earth to be a part of such lucky individuals. "Who are all these people out here who are supposedly so smart and educated that they don't know what's going on in my life?"

If you are looking for the Fountain of Youth, it is not found in nature, in fact, it is not even in your life. It exists within you. You must learn to recognize and use the laws of attraction to bring it about. Once you do this, your level of happiness and fulfillment will change dramatically.
People are taught to think small. It is advised that you "think small." In order to get rich or achieve any measure of success, you must think and act like a big shot. If you want to achieve massive success, it will not be achieved by pretending to be someone you are not. Accepting your limitations is the first step to unleashing your potential and making your dreams become a reality.
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