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How To Become Aware Of Negative Thoughts
Mindfulness is simply being aware (notice) without judging or reacting. It's a state you can achieve by sitting comfortably in a quiet place, breathing slowly and repeating a word or phrase. Mindfulness is the very first step on any journey towards wholeness. You can use meditation to deepen your focus and become aware of your thoughts, or you can just sit comfortably and observe. Either way will work.
Becoming mindful can help us to: Help us to be present - awareness helps us to be more present in every moment. When we become mindful, we are able to respond to what's around us instead of reacting. Being aware can also help us to: - Help us to make better decisions - help us handle stress better - make us more productive - reduce our chances of stress and anxiety. - Slow down the rate at which we burn off physical energy - help us to live a healthy life - improve our health and well being - help us manage pain and discomfort We also become more relaxed when we are mindful.

So how can being mindful help us deal with negative thinking? By being aware we can see the difference between what is positive and what is negative. By being aware we can start to break bad habits or the cycle of negativity that goes on. Many people have a habit of thinking 'I will never', 'I will never lose' etc. When we realise that these statements aren't true, we can start to break out of this negative thinking pattern.

Mindfulness journaling is an easy and free way to do this. Mindfulness journal prompts help us be more aware of our negative thoughts and feelings, so that we can become more mindful of what we say to ourselves and what we say to others. The Mindfulness Journal prompts are designed to be as random as possible. They are designed to capture everything that crosses our mind. We can then take this information and write it in a paper journal or on a scrapbook. The more often and for longer we keep such journals the more we learn to cope with life's negativity.

A big part of overcoming negativity is being able to accept that we are going to say and do things that will upset us. The challenge for most of us is to change the way we think about those things that upset us. Mindfulness Journaling helps us to do just this.

A negative thought is usually characterized by an emotion that is negative. For example: "I will never lose" is a negative thought. It is an emotion, so it follows that if you say that over again it is going to remain a negative thought. People who complain a lot are often expressing their feelings of discontent a lot of times. It becomes habit and as a negative expression of their feelings.

What is interesting about negative people is that many times they don't even realize that what they are doing is habitual and unhealthy. If you observe someone negative all the time, you'll see that their behavior is repetitive and in many cases is out of control. It becomes a problem because their negative thoughts start to have an effect on their lives. Many times they express frustration about something and then find a reason to complain even more. Their minds spin from negative to positive and back again and it doesn't stop until they start to feel better about whatever it is that they are complaining about.
The way we respond to negative thoughts is usually by engaging them and dwelling on them even more. An alternative to constantly dwelling on your negative past is to respond to what you are saying by changing the way you are saying it to a more positive direction. It's important to bring in some positive into your response rather than dwelling on all the negative things. For example instead of saying something like "I can't do that" instead say "I can do this" or "That's impossible" or anything in between.
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