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Honest life honors people. by mohor

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Honest life honors people.
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Best wishes and best wishes to all of you.We hope you all write nicely on this blog site, we believe this site will be a further step forward in the future. So without writing a word, I am starting today One of the things you will never forget about people is cheating. Because if you cheat someone, it might become one of your habits. And these habits will carry your identity. If he thinks he is smart by cheating on someone, he is actually the most foolish person. She does not realize that she is not deceiving others, she is deceiving herself. He is breaking the belief that someone might have believed him. He who gets deceived may find peace over time, but he who deceives will never find peace. Once in a village there was a scholar, he loved everybody, he helped everyone, the scholar had a horse, everybody came to see that horse. Many people wanted to buy that horse, but the scholars would accept it. This horse has been with the scholar since childhood. One day the news of this horse went out to the robber. He came to the horse to hide his identity and asked the scholar to buy the horse, but the scholar refused. The robber became very angry when the man heard the scholar. 

He once told the scholar, "What I like once becomes mine. Remember that one horse is a robber, but you will not have much time. After that incident, a country person always looks at the beginning. Some scholars think that the robber has forgotten. One day a scholar was riding on that horse to another village, when someone from the back called and said, 'Father I am ill, I can not walk, please take me down to the next village. The scholar kindly offered him a horseback ride. After a while the scholar falls off the horse and after seeing him no one else is ill, the sick person is the robber. He said who the person is, the father did not tell you one day that this horse will not have much time for you. And from today, this horse was going to the police of mine. The Tapan scholar calls him and the robber says that you will never get this horse back. The horse you are carrying may cause mistrust. This is actually an example of honesty.

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