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Acceptance Acknowledging Your Addiction
Acceptance is a word that gets used a lot in recovering addicts. However, there are different kinds of Acceptance. They are as follows:

First there are the most radical compassion and self-acceptance. It is called self-forgiveness. Those who have experienced severe traumas and want to free themselves from their negative behaviors towards others, they will often practice this Acceptance acknowledging a part of them being responsible for their condition. For example, a person who has been a victim of rape can consciously claim that the rape had nothing to do with them and that they are not responsible for their current state of mind or situation. These people are not self-conscience.
Second is self-acceptance and acceptance. People who have not recovered from serious addiction can practice self-acceptance and self-forgiveness. This Acceptance acknowledging a part of them being responsible for their current state of mind or situation can help them deal with the reality of their situation. However, there are those who still have a lingering addiction and self-acceptance and compassionate strategies are needed for them to recover. This requires a whole lot of self-searching and introspection to determine the nature of their addiction and where exactly it started.

Third is compassion and self-acceptance. Those who have had a traumatic life and have recovered from addiction may have developed an accepting attitude and compassionate approach towards those around them, including their recovery process. It will be necessary for them to have self-acceptance in order to accept their recovery, but it is also important for them to learn compassion for those who have been affected by the addict's actions.

Fourth is self-acceptance and self-forgiveness. Those who have had serious trauma and have recovered from addiction can practice self-acceptance that can be very helpful in their future recovery efforts. These individuals may be very harsh critics of themselves, but they do so only out of a sense of self-scrutinizing. This type of self-scrutinizing and harsh criticism, if dealt with appropriately, may help them become more accepting and compassionate in their outlook on life in general.

Fifth is radical compassion. When recovering addicts are working through their issues, they often feel angry and bitter about their past actions. They tend to have a hard time forgiving themselves for the things that they have done in the past. However, for these individuals, forgiveness is a vital step on the road to self-acceptance and self-forgiveness. When an individual forgive himself for his past wrongdoings, he tends to be more accepting of others around him and is able to show self-acceptance and self-forgiveness.

Acceptance acknowledging an addiction is different for every person. One way to determine which method will work best for you is to first determine what your addiction is. For example, if you suffer from social anxiety disorder, you may wish to seek professional treatment. Once you know what your addiction is, you can then begin to work on accepting and loving your inner being so that you can heal. If you would prefer to handle your addiction alone or without the help of professionals, you may want to begin by keeping a journal of your progress so that you can document any setbacks that you may encounter.

With acceptance acknowledging an addiction, addicts are able to gain the necessary skills that they need to lead healthy and productive lives. It is essential that addicts accept their addiction as a part of who they are. In addition, with acceptance acknowledging an addiction, addicts will learn how to forgive themselves and others if they make a mistake. Finally, with acceptance acknowledging an addiction, addicts can begin to feel confident that they are not doomed to a lifetime of addiction.
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