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Appreciation Can Be Effortless
Appreciation can be Effortless. What is the meaning of a song by The Beatles "Twist and Shout"? It means that you do not have to work very hard or put in any effort to appreciate something. In fact, you just have to be "twisting and shouting". Appreciation is one of the first things that you learn as a child.
As adults we sometimes struggle to recognize our gifts. Some people call it giving without receiving. I prefer to call it noticing things for what they are. Appreciation is the art of giving without expecting anything in return. Giving without expecting anything in return does not require much effort or mental energy.

Appreciation can be Effortless when the person who gives the gift is a close family member or friend. When you give your time or your talent to someone it shows, even if only on the surface. The person who receives the gift will experience a sense of warmth from you, knowing that you care, thought of them, or were there for them in a time of need. That is the true meaning of appreciation.

Appreciation can also be Effortless when the person who receives the recognition is very busy in their lives. When someone is very busy, they often forget to stop and appreciate the little things. For example: I was out driving last week and I started to stress about coming home to a cold wet home. I realized that I should take some time and get myself a cup of coffee. When I sat down, however, I noticed that I was stuck in traffic - the rush hour was starting and I was late.

I began to think to myself "There has to be a better way than this. This is driving me crazy! I hate driving on the freeway and I really should be home by now. There has got to be a better way." Then I remembered a story my mother told me about how after receiving a special package at work, she opened the envelope to find a note from an old college friend. She read the note and realized that the package had been from her dad.

She tearfully thanked him for the gift and mentioned that she had been looking forward to seeing him again. My mom was thankful that she could give her dad this time to decompress and enjoy his company. As I watched her expression, I thought to myself "I wonder what I do now that I don't have to think about that anymore?" So I shared this with a few people and they told me that sometimes it doesn't matter how you give someone a gift. It's how you put it into their heart.

A while later I was in line at the grocery store and saw a young couple walking up to a big cardboard box. I motioned for them to take a look at the large box and they happily took a seat and opened the big box. Inside they found a very thoughtful basket with many different items inside.
As they admired one of the items they decided they would like to purchase for themselves. The woman reached over and picked out a porcelain vase and handed it to my father. As he looked at the porcelain vase he said "Thank you." In that instant the old feeling of gratitude and appreciation bubbled forth from me and flooded over my father. He could not even see the porcelain vase, but the expression on my mother's face as she gave him the beautiful gift, made him smile all day and night.
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