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Manifest Your Dreams - Change Your Thoughts to Create Your Reality
This book changed my life. It has literally changed my way of thinking forever. Changing my thoughts was the easiest part of the process. Simply shift your negative thought patterns into positive and you can accomplish almost anything you set your mind to.*we9lh6cC7NXoW2RkADZP0g.png
You may be using negative affirmations, that are statements I tell myself to keep repeating in my mind over again. Have you been using them? Do they bring up negative feelings in you? They do but they don't create the desired change you are looking for. So let us review some simple ways you can begin changing your negative thoughts into positive ones.

Self-awareness is the first step towards change. If you think you are a worthless person, quickly and easily you can learn how to alter your thoughts into something positive like: I am a valuable person. I have my own ideas and ideals that make me different from everyone else. Others might think I'm crazy or an idiot. When you learn to develop self-awareness, you can quickly let go of negative thoughts without feeling guilty or trying to justify your negative behavior.

Another way to change your thoughts is to pay attention to your body. Our thoughts manifest our feelings and actions. Paying attention to your thoughts, can also bring you to the realization that all is well and wonderful. Many people are unaware that all things are connected. Your body and feelings both affect the world around you and your thoughts and feelings can influence how you respond to the world.

A great way to change your negative thoughts and change your behavior is to take a deeper dive into your own subconsciousness. Self-awareness allows you to find your own voice - your inner peace - your own source of happiness. The mind is an integral part of creating happiness. By discovering yourself, you can begin to enjoy more successful people, more meaningful relationships, and greater abundance.

Successful people take time to focus on positive thoughts and use affirmations and visualization techniques to let us know what kind of person we want to be. Visualization helps us to focus on all the positive qualities in our lives, and the things we would like to experience. Learning to visualize your success is one of the most powerful tools available to anyone who wants to change their thinking habits.

Another way to change your negative thoughts and change your behavior is to focus on gratitude. People who are happy, and they enjoy every aspect of their life. Those who are constantly plagued by negative and sad thoughts about their life are constantly sabotaging themselves. By thinking positive thoughts and visualizing your future, you will attract all the luck and happiness you desire.

When you are happy and you are aware of all your blessings, it will be very easy to let go of all those negative thoughts that keep crowding you. You will soon realize that you do have the power to change those negative thoughts, because you are using them to attract those things you most desire. You simply have to pay attention and use your imagination. Visualization is a powerful tool, which you can use to let go of negative thoughts and begin a new and more positive life.

Once you learn to make use of visualization in order to change your thinking patterns and behavior, it becomes very easy to do. Imagine yourself sailing through the open sea with all your shipmates, and everyone enjoying the wonderful sights and sounds of the great ocean. See yourself enjoying the sun, the ocean, and all the many wonderful colors of life. You can make your own personal "Blueprint" and follow this blueprint information to manifest your dreams.

You will need to become aware of your thoughts, feelings, and words - especially when you are trying to attract something you don't desire. If you are focused on negative thoughts, then you will only attract more of the same. Thoughts without action are just like dreams without a goal. To manifest your goals, start with becoming aware of your thoughts and begin to find your own personal "Blueprint" for self-awareness. Once you become aware of your thought patterns, you can then use your self-awareness to change the way you think and act.
Think about your life every day from a different perspective. What are the things that you love to do? What are the goals that you have worked hard for? Start building your own "Blueprint" for success - your own self-awareness, awareness, and awareness for you to manifest all that you desire into your life - and start using visualization to make your thoughts and actions into the things that you desire.
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