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The Power of Attitude Commitment
To facilitate learning, our Attitude is a constant learning process. Our Attitude is our basic way of thinking about the world. It is our belief and our feeling about what is taking place in the world. Our Attitude determines the quality of our lives; it determines the quality of the relationships we have, and it determines the level of success in our business and in our personal endeavors.
The first step to changing your attitude is to create space for new attitudes. This is not as easy as it sounds. Some people think they are too attached to their beliefs and too scared to let go of their old attitudes and beliefs. So when they consider altering their attitude, they can feel very paralyzed.

To avoid having this problem, it is suggested that you write down your current attitude and then commit it to paper. As time passes and you continue to use your attitude in your reading and writing, eventually you will maintain consistency in your thoughts and actions. This process does not take long if you practice on a regular basis.

Your attitude object is your core belief about the way things should be. It is not the entire truth but is an essential part of it. When you change your attitude from an attitude object to a learning objective you will be in a better position to change your behavior. When you have established your attitude as a learning objective, this in turn makes it easier to develop your skills and to achieve new levels of success.

Once you decide what your attitude object is, you can begin to change your behaviors by choosing the appropriate attitude. You can change your attitude from an attitude object to a learning objective by deciding that your actions or your reactions do not support a belief that is emotionally attached to your behaviors. For example, you might determine that a particular criticism about your work does not apply to your situation. By making this determination you have effectively canceled any emotional attachment you had to that criticism and you are free to think of it as a learning opportunity.

One aspect of changing your attitude is choosing a different attitude toward your situation or to people. You might choose to adopt an attitude that is more forgiving. In publishing, for instance, there are some authors who believe that it is better to accept than to correct and there are some authors who think that it is better to publish their work for personal gain than to make it serve the public's interest. There are some attitudes that can be called situational attitudes because they reflect your specific circumstances.

If you have adopted a fixed attitude, there is a strong possibility that you have become stagnant in your communications. In this case you have a learning objective because your attitude is fixed. A good attitude encourages communication and openness in your writing because it helps you to see all options and to make the most of the opportunities available to you. If you have adopted a flexible attitude, on the other hand, you may be open to learning new strategies that would allow you to communicate in a more effective way.
As a matter of fact, you can use a fixed attitude to encourage openness and creativity in your communications. However, if you do not make an effort to develop flexibility in your attitude you will never be able to communicate effectively. If you do not make an effort to change your attitude, you may find yourself trapped in the same old rut you have been in since your early educational years. On the Internet, for instance, there are some authors who believe that they should write one book and then just stop. The truth is that it takes enormous energy and courage to write a book. If you have been practicing a one-book strategy for many years it will take a considerable amount of energy and courage to write another book.
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