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Watch Your Words - Is it Really Beneficial to Your Business?
Watch your words, because they become deeds; watch your words, because they become habits; watch your behavior, for it forms your destiny; watch your behavior, for it forms your character; watch your nature, for it becomes your calling. This is a most trying lesson, which every student must face at some time in their life, whether as a student or worker, and one that I have seen countless times over. This is a lesson in life, but also in the truest form of wisdom. Wisdom is knowing where you are going and why you are going there, and what you will be doing there.
Watch your words, because they form your destiny and your character. When you watch your words closely, you see that what you say is more than just what you mean. When you say something, you mean something, but when you say something without watching your words, you don't really mean anything, so you actually do nothing. The power of your words is vast and can be used to either benefit yourself or others. What kind of a world would this be if only people who wanted something understood what they were talking about?

Think about it. There would be no more cars, airplanes, buildings, machines, or anything else we know now. Everything would be a void; a meaningless place. Now, it may be possible that on some level, all those things already exist. But if those things didn't exist, if you didn't know how to create them, then why would you ever know how to watch your words tonight?

So, watch your words because they form a habit with you, like any habit. And a habit can only be broken by letting it go. When you want something badly enough, sometimes you will follow your nose. Or you might decide to jump off the couch at the sight of a certain dress, perfume, or song. But these are not habits - these are attachments that you have made to the object of your attachment.

We all have attachments, but until they are broken we are still within the realm of our character. And then one day, the attachment you have made to that thing breaks and you find yourself no longer attached to it. Now, you are outside of your character - but why? Because you were allowing your thoughts and your actions to define you.

You are a product of your habits. Every action you take is a result of a habit you have formed. Habits are the result of repeating actions over again. They are the results of the thought of something, of seeing or sensing something. They are the result of actions you have taken before, in the past, or you will carry in your mind from other experiences.

You can break habits easily if you watch what you say and how you say it. When you think negative thoughts, change them into positive thoughts. When you think positive, change those negative thoughts into positive ones. Watch your language. Watch the words you use.

To put it simply, watch how you speak and you will notice the changes in your habitual speech. You will see how a change in one word can alter the meaning of a whole sentence. If you continue to say the same things and you say to them the same way, over again, you will continue on your way to destruction. Stop saying "watch my words" and go directly to "watch my actions."

Habits are like habits, too. We have them and sometimes we change them to suit our circumstances. But they are still there and when you do not watch your words, you will continue on your present course without realizing your actions or your words. Your actions will cause you unhappiness and dissatisfaction, but will not make you happy. So, watch your words. They are the biggest obstacles standing between you and happiness.

Some people talk like this to get personal gains. They want to be respected by others by talking bad about others. Others do not realize that what they are doing is not helping anyone, only making themselves feel good. So, while they are speaking negative words, they are also infecting the people around them. "Watch my words," is a warning for all of us.

To help us understand this, we have to look at the other side of the coin. By not watching our words, we are also not helping anyone else. Our words only empower others to speak their thoughts. Our thoughts are powerful. It is up to us to make sure that our thoughts do not become corrupted. So, while you are saying negative things, try to keep those thoughts as positive as possible.
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