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Got Changing Skills?
Got changing skills? Do your kids struggle with homework and keeping grades up? Or perhaps they're ill-mannered in public situations, unable to behave well around peers. There are many causes of these issues, but the bottom line is that children need help when they've really grown up and should never be left behind.

As you know, personal responsibility and being accountable for one's own actions is a crucial part of growing up and it doesn't change once you reach adulthood. But there are still areas of your child's life where he or she may need guidance. If this is the case, then parents are responsible to supply that guidance - by setting firm and reasonable rules and expectations. At the same time, parents should do what they can to support their kids' efforts in learning new skills, developing new interests and of course, enjoying themselves. This is especially important with teenagers as much of their social circles and relationships are formed during this crucial time in their lives.

In order to get the upper hand on their peers, kids often resort to selfishness, inconsiderate behavior and other bad habits. While this may give them short-term pleasure, it also damages their self-esteem and, more importantly, their overall quality of life. The best thing to do is to show them that you love and support them in working towards becoming a better person and, at the same time, to reinforce the things you'd like to see them do. It can be quite difficult to do this but it's a necessary part of raising teens. Here are some teen etiquette tips:

Be a positive role model. Don't make fun of people with different ideas and attitudes and don't be a bully or a mean bully. Instead, find ways to encourage your kids to be open, creative and to listen. Don't punish them if they don't do what you want.

Set clear rules. Make sure that you and your kids understand what you expect from each other and from your children. Create your own rules so that you can enforce them consistently. You'll also have a better sense of when to enforce your rules. Remember that kids are easily turned around by the mere threat of punishment.

Remain positive and don't let your kids' self-confidence go to waste. Even when you've had a meltdown in front of them, don't respond by being angry. Look for the humor in everything and don't be afraid to praise your kids. Kids love to be praised and when they do something good, they'll feel great about themselves and their lives will become more positive.
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