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Natural methods to avoid depression and enjoy life #2 by redouanemez

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Natural methods to avoid depression and enjoy life #2
#### Hi steemians !
I decided to do a series of posts in which I will talk about the natural methods that help to overcome the depression, the bad psychological state that affects many people and that last for a long time which prevents to live happy and to take advantage of the time and achieve the goals we want to achieve in our lives.

**_Personally I lived this last year and I managed to get out of anxiety and depression._**

My goal with these posts will be to support and help a maximum of people to find calm, **_happiness and energy through natural methods._**

## My experience with depression
These were the most difficult moments of my life after a professional and sentimental shock.


At first, I had a black cloud above the head, **_I saw everything in a negative way_**.

I had lost the joy of living and my good mood and the taste of all that is good in life : work, travel, sport ... and I had trouble sleeping.

I had never felt such a thing before.

I was paralyzed, I had no sensation, I lost my taste for life and **_I did not want to do anything_**.

I really needed help and I was looking for clear advice everywhere to free myself from my pain.


I visited a doctor Neurologist who gave me antidepressant drugs, but unfortunately, with time I felt that I am imprisoned dangerous drugs that will surely aggravate my situation.

I did not want to be dependent on drugs.


I decided not to take antidepressants and anxiolytics, and thanks to the advice of some people in my family and some friends I realized that the good methods to regain a positive mood were natural solutions that I have respect and follow.

I believed in these natural methods and I decided to start and I made a lot of effort and I acted accordingly, it did not fall from the sky.

**_Today, I'm better, so much better_**.

I can live and feel happiness every moment.

Like everyone else, I have highs and lows but nothing serious compared to my period of depression.

I feel like reliving, being finally myself and being able to live my life normally.

I knew that all this bad feeling was a sign that I had to change something in my life.

I tidied up around my surroundings and adopted a much healthier and more respectful way of life for my body and my mind.


### I hope this series of tips will help you and lead you to happiness and serenity.

# The methods to follow to get out of the malaise and the depression [Part 2] :
- Negativity and anguish pushed me to lock myself up. The best advice I can give you is to go to the people you love and open up to others. Having a social life is very important so you do not have to be alone in your problems and you will avoid thinking too much and staying in an endless loop of unnecessary negative thought. 

**_Depression is well nourished by isolation._**


- Among the most important things to get rid of depression is to be responsible and have a strong personality, and not always blame others! I was able to heal depression because I knew that apart from me, no one could help me out of it. Even if my entourage could support me and I applied the previous advice to open to others and not to stay alone, I had to be armed with more courage and patience to get by . You have to move and try every day to believe that you can heal depression.


- Meditation will help you to relativize and take a step back on your life in an unimaginable way. Thanks to the positive energy of meditation, you will have more strength to overcome your daily negativity.


Practicing meditation is a habitual and automatic act, Unfortunately few people are aware of it. Choosing the subject to be meditated allows you to focus on positive things, and only think of good thoughts that affect your mind and even the body.

#### Choose the object of your meditation
Since we are constantly meditating, the question is : what do we choose to meditate on?

Many spiritual traditions use this human tendency to think constantly, to absorb information and to experiment, to encourage a better life :

- Since we are constantly thinking, why not consciously focus the mind on positive and beneficial subjects ?

- Why not use meditation to learn how thoughts and emotions work and develop positive habits in mind, body and mind ?

Everyone can develop their potential as a human being, mentally, physically and spiritually.

#### Practice meditation to live happier :
Meditation is not mystical or inaccessible. It is not reserved just for an elite and does not ask for having great knowledge or a particular intellectual level. Mediation is, on the contrary, very simple and accessible to everyone. Many meditations are inspired by ancient and modern spiritual traditions, whether your belief or your spiritual practice try these meditations for a simple purpose, that of finding a happier life.


**_All images from Pixabay_**
### **_Thank you for reading, I wish a successful life to everyone._**
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