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Witnesses Say Officer Knocked Before Entering Wrong Apartment by spiritualmatters

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Witnesses Say Officer Knocked Before Entering Wrong Apartment 

Regarding ongoing investigations, law enforcement agencies are slow to release data, with hopes of securing a fair and unbiased jury should a case go to trial. Most people want the details to come out rapidly; but, this creates a risk of unvetted information which can potentially contaminate any chances of a fair trial. 

Recent news updates reveal that unnamed witnesses have details different than the statement given by the Dallas officer who mistakenly entered the wrong apartment and killed the occupant. 

These witnesses have corroborated that they heard activity at the door prior to the shooting, and someone saying, “Let me in.” Furthermore; they have identified the voice they heard as that of the officer. 

As with ongoing investigations, new information helps build the case for the defense or the prosecution, as well as connect the dots for both sides. If the witness accounts hold true, three words will add a huge twist to this tragedy.

*Let me in...*

This infers that this may be a domestic issue. No one raps on the door to be let in unless they’ve been locked out, or believe they have a right to be in. For instance, if she had a roommate, who had the top lock on, she might have banged to get in, presumably believing this was her apartment. But, this is conjecture, and not evidence.

Besides, the officer acknowledged that the door was slightly ajar; thus, already unlocked. This means she would have had zero reasons to knock. Of course, it's conjecture; but, perhaps she knocked to alert an intruder that she was entering, and to draw him out. If so, this worked; however, the error remains of being in the wrong apartment.

If the door in question was indeed the victim's door, then there's a discrepancy. As most people not wanting to get in the drama mix, they presumably didn’t step outside to see what was going on; but, was able to hear the voice. 

Worth noting, the witnesses chose to share their accounts with the deceased's attorneys; which means, this will be evidence in the hands of the District Attorney.

The information relating to events at the door, may become a huge piece of evidence that will either make or break the case for the defense. 

I will end with this thought:

If it wasn't the officer knocking on the door, then who was at the door insisting to get in? And, how does this conflict with the timeline of, the officer's account of, the door being ajar. 

I only hope in prayer with thanksgiving that God blocks this from becoming race-based. The familiar attorneys who show up at the bm/police shootings have already begun stirring the pot to put these thoughts in the atmosphere.

It is already established that this is a tragedy beyond a doubt. I am hopeful that if it is a travesty, the bare-faced truth will come up and out.

Sincerest sorrows and condolences for this tragic loss. While I could be wrong, I really stand by my belief that this was as the officer stated, a mix-up in apartment floors. I want this to be the truth. I will brace myself for any evidence which proves otherwise; such as, camera footage and/or voice recordings of the scene in actual time.

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