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3 Personal Development Excuses That Are Not Good Enough
Have you ever heard the saying: "Nothing grows faster than the growth?" I bet that you have, and most likely have scoffed at it. After all, don't growth and change come from moving forward? If you really believe that, then instead of making this excuse, commit yourself to growth.
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Moving forward can cause many barriers to our success. We might get stuck, or we might make mistakes along the way, but in order to prevent ourselves from doing these things again in the future, we need to take the initiative now. And when you take the initiative, don't just do what needs to be done; instead of making excuses for things not happening in your way, do what you can to correct them. Even if it takes another round of demagoguing, telling everyone you know that it's not their fault you didn't get where you are now, or that you're going to fail because you haven't moved forward, go ahead and try it anyway. You may be surprised by how successful you are at motivating others when you just tell them what to do, instead of lecturing them.

Sometimes you will hear someone say, "I was too busy making this mistake to fix it." Instead of making that same mistake again and hoping that someone else notices it, commit yourself to changing right away so you don't make that same mistake again. When you're in a situation where you're making an important decision about something important, you should be focused on what you can change instead of focusing on what you won't be changing. This is a big one, because often, we end up choosing the option of not doing anything at all rather than trying to solve a problem. And even if you end up fixing a minor problem that someone else thought they had solved, you have accomplished more than simply postponing the inevitable next time you'll have to deal with the same issue.

Next, don't use personal development excuses to avoid doing what needs to be done. Personal development excuses like these are never good enough. If you want to prevent yourself from falling into the same trap again, you need to get serious about making improvements in your life today. Don't fall for these silly line quotes like, "All I need is enough faith," or "If I have a bulletproof answer's book, I can hit my target any time."

It's amazing how many people make excuses for themselves, especially when life throws curve balls left and right. People tend to look at life through rose-colored glasses that only see the good things. Those who only see the bad will never take the necessary steps to improve. In fact, those who only make excuses for themselves will usually end up making excuses for others as well, because they feel like those people deserve to be happy.

If you want to prevent yourself from making excuses for others and yourself, it's best if you only look at what's important right now. You don't want to spend your energy on dwelling on things that aren't going to make you happy. In other words, if you want to get things done and move forward with your life, then focus on the here and now, instead of worrying about what could have been.

One example of a personal development excuse that sounds so good, yet never works is, "I just don t have enough experience." Yes, it is true that you do not have enough experience yet. The truth is, that's just the way it is. If someone else has had more experiences than you have, then it is your responsibility to work harder to gain more experiences.
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This is a great example of how accepting the fact that you don t have experience right now is better than making this excuse. I would love for you to give this example a try tomorrow. Instead of saying I just don't have enough experience, ask yourself what you would have liked to have done in the past. It doesn t matter what you would have liked to have done; now is not the right time to do that. Accept the fact that you don t have the right experience and focus on creating more right now.
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