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Keep Calm & Trust the Process by tonytrillions

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Keep Calm & Trust the Process
Growing up, I hated LeBron James.
Nothing against the guy personally.
He was just compared too much to my favorite player, Kobe Bryant.
LeBron fans would always call Kobe a ball hog & I had to get in endless debates with them.
That soured my perception of LeBron at an early age.
But for the past few years, LeBron has been a source of inspiration.
'Wait, really?'
It's because he trusted the process.
If you are not a basketball fan, let me just give you a brief history on this fellow.
LeBron was drafted to his hometown team, Cleveland Cavaliers in 2003.
Before he played a single game in the NBA, he had already signed a multi million dollar shoe deal, got endorsements & was dubbed as the next big thing etc.
Let's just say that came with a lot of pressure.
Would he live up to expectations?
Dude was lighting up the NBA in his second year.
Was able to pass, rebound, assist, play defense and so much more.
For years & years, he made the Cavaliers relevant.
'That's awesome!'
But there was a problem.
He was unable to get a championship.
With all this hype, it was seen as a foregone conclusion that he would stack up Championships.
Well, where were they?
7+ years in the league and not 1 ring??
A lot of pressure was being set up for LeBron.
At the time, the Cavaliers team was abysmal & winning with them seemed murky.
It was hard to blame LeBron.
But now the question was, where would he sign for the free agency coming up?
In the summer of 2010, LeBron set the entire NBA world on FIRE.
He shocked the world by letting them know that he was going to be leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Miami Heat.
Heat already had Dwyane Wade AND Chris Bosh.
This would mean adding LeBron to the Heat would form a 3 headed monster.
The entire NBA competitive landscape had been put in jeopardy.

LeBron tarnished his reputation.
He went from being the chosen one to the hated one.
Arena after arena would boo him.
They would throw vicious insults at him.
And to make matters worse, his hometown of Cleveland had turned on him, calling him every name in the book & burning his jersey.
'Wow, that's bad!!'
What's worse is that everyone expected him to win multiple championship rings with the Heat.
But he came up short.
In the 2011 Finals, he lost to the underdog Dallas Mavericks & put up an abysmal performance in the 6 game series.
LeBron's tarnished reputation just became 10x worse.
He was now seen as a choke artist.
One of the worst labels you can throw to an athlete.
'Dang bro, well if LeBron is such a failure, why are you inspired by him?'
Because he wasn't a failure.
He was simply going thru the process.
After that horrendous playoff moment, LeBron went to make 8 straight NBA finals and win 3 NBA championship rings.
He has scored 30,000 points, accumulated 8000+ assists & snagged 8000+ rebounds.
But his accolades does not stop on the court.
He is a man of the community, participates in charities & started a school in his hometown for underprivileged kids.
His career thus far has been nothing short of stunning.
So what can you learn from this?
Well, imagine if LeBron quit after his Mavericks failure.
Imagine if he began to half ass his practice & pout?
Then, he would have NEVER won shit.
The world does not favor people who half ass something.
Either go all in on or don't even bother.
This isn't' to say just focus on your craft & ignore all other parts of your life.
But this is to say when you practice & work, you practice & work.
You have an end goal in mind, but remain present while working.
That's how you trust the process.
LeBron had to spend 7+ years in the league before he won his first championship.
And most people can't even last 7 months.
That's perspective for you.
LeBron inspires me because his good AND bad from his career has been shown at center stage.
Imagine if there was a film crew recording your good AND bad days at work.
Observing each one of your moves.
Breaking down each failure to the tee.
Pretty daunting, right?
Well, that's been Lebron's world for the better part of his life.
There are people that you should draw inspiration from in your journey.
Don't just learn from their wins.
But observe carefully how they preserve despite a loss.
The first will speak to your mind.
The second will speak to your heart.
Find out where you want to dominate & go all in.
If you are currently working on something, then double down.
If you are currently working on something, then find something to work on.
Idle hands create bums.
LeBron is still going, let's see how his career plays out.
But even when he hangs up the jersey, he will continue to inspire millions from around the planet.
Let's have you fall into the same boat.

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