How Myth About Being Happy Keeps Us Frustrated and Afraid by warkite

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How Myth About Being Happy Keeps Us Frustrated and Afraid
Choose to be happy, set your mind to it and then push forward regardless of the obstacles and the circumstances that might come your way. Set your mind to loving yourself and loving life and this will become your reality. If there are problems, this will help you deal with them. Do not think that you have to live with them. Choose to be happy and make your best out of every day.
Think positively about everything. Instead of thinking negatively about every day, choose to be happy when something bad happens by looking at the bright side and seeing what could go wrong and being prepared for this. This could mean that instead of saying that you would give up eating a big casserole because it looks too oily, you could choose to eat it anyway. In other words, change your negative thoughts to positive ones. It is in the way you look at things that can sometimes determine your actions. So, start choosing happiness and see what comes of it.

When you are choosing to feel happy, it does not mean that you should sit around looking at happy pictures or try to make yourself laugh as much as possible. A lot of us turn our noses up on people who smile, so why turn your head down on those you see smiling? Instead, take small steps and make sure you smile more often and with pleasure - this will show everyone around you that you feel happy.

When you choose to feel happy, it does not mean you have to carry negative thoughts. You do not have to put on a happy face when you are arguing with your partner or when your children are fighting. Instead, focus on the problem and how it affects you. Take a look at your situation honestly instead of trying to avoid what is happening or thinking that you cannot win. When you see something you can do to change it, choose happiness when you are dealing with the problem and not anxiety or sorrow.

Another myth is that by being happy we will live longer. The truth is that by choosing to feel good about everything we do will definitely make us live longer. This happens for all of us - we get up and go to work and we do our best. However, we fail somehow, and then we believe that the worst is going to happen. We do not realize that there is a better alternative to facing defeat and living with the results of your choices than staying stuck in a miserable existence.

Some people say that you have to choose every day to be happy. This is completely untrue. You can feel happy one day and then something bad will happen the next. If you only believe that the bad things are going to happen then you are going to think that you are miserable. If you choose every day to feel happy, then you will live a happy life and live in the moment.

One last myth is that by choosing happiness you will lose control of yourself. People think that they have to sacrifice many things in their lives just to stay happy. If this is true then it is also true that you can lose control of your life if you let the wrong person in your life into it. By choosing happiness each and every day you will be able to live an authentic self.
It is impossible to set the points that are pre-set. You cannot choose to be anything other than who you are. However, you can choose to feel happy and remain that way by using the tools that are available to anyone on the Internet.
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