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Celebrating Yuna's Birthday (Part 1) by zord189

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Celebrating Yuna's Birthday (Part 1)


One thing that I've always experienced throughout my lifetime is that when you have your birthday on the earliest of the year, let's take mine for example, 3rd January, you don't often get people throwing parties celebrating your birthday because that is always the date where everyone gets back to work after their New Year party, or if you're still in school, it's usually when class reopens. Most people during this time often just got over their hangover from last night's BBQ and new year party. So I often don't celebrate my birthday in any special kind of way and I won't be used to people celebrating my birthday as well. 

That being said, I know how it feels to be alone on my birthday and even if I say I don't mind not celebrating it, sometimes a little surprise/present is still always something happy and memorable. That is why I won't let someone I care for be alone on her birthday. Like they always say 'who wouldn't enjoy a present/surprise'? In this case, it was a birthday party. 

So about a month before Yuna's birthday, I was cracking my head on what to get her. I've gotten her a nice glass cup a few months back but I really wanted to give her something else. I searched through the internet for a few days and have finally thought that this would be a nice little gift for her. It's basically a customized dog drinking bubble tea shirt and an apron with the dog cooking with her name imprinted on it. 





She spends some time in the kitchen so an apron with her name on it would make it special and she loves bubble tea, so that itself is self explanatory. 

I pre-ordered the shirt and apron which was said to take at least 15 to 20 days to arrive. I wasn't sure if it could make it on time for the trip to her hometown. After 2 weeks had passed, I was nervous as I saw that the order hasn't been fulfilled. I decided to drop them a message and told them that it would mean the world to me if by any chance, there was any progress. The customer service was quick to respond and they told me they would look into it. A few days later, I saw the orders were sent out for delivery!!



The day before the trip, I prepped the gift but there was one more thing to worry about... How am I supposed to bring a dark chocolate hazelnut praline cake all the way from my place to her hometown. Yes, I pre ordered a dark chocolate cake a week before because wats a birthday without a cake and also because dark chocolate was her favourite. It was a 1 hour + drive btw and I didn't want her to see the cake when I got there. The cake was a surprise for the dinner that I booked for the evening so I had to figure out a way to prevent the cake from melting. I asked around for an ice box to preserve the cake throughout the trip and I had some nitrogen ice with me that came in handy. I was going to hope that the dark chocolate doesn't melt and ruin the birthday with a mushy cake. 





As the day approaches, I planned the cake pickup at the bakery's new outlet. Upon arriving, the baker asked me would I be able to make it without the cake melting. Tbh, I don't remember telling him any of my plans but I think I did cause he asked whether I had a plan to bring the cake. I told him I had a bunch of ice bags, an ice box and that would keep it from melting during the trip. 

Well, did the cake survive the trip?? I guess I would reveal that on my next 'celebrating Yuna's birthday part 2'.
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