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manpage : F.A.Q. and #stuff (last edit / update) 2020 06 18
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This is a "manpage" the post will be made only once and edited as needed to be included in later recurring posts

~~lets remove this bit~~ first and
Q : for mobile stuff please scroll to the bottom, we dont really do mobile stuff but if any one-or-more people is interested enough (a minimum of more than zero)

Q : What the hells is this ?

A : a creative outlet for myself with an option to participate for a small prize or just for fun , mainly #justforfun, this is not investment banking and nothing will make you rich while sleeping, we are not selling anything and you are not buying anything. If you happen to get a steem along the way here and there, then that's just a little bonus.



no rules to art, right ?

Q : if no one pickes up ?

A : you dont have to && im doing it anyway ( lol ? k...) , i wont have a booboo, see , i dont have to either :)


Q(q q q q...) : this is not worth my time ?

A : i am not an investment bank, if you feel its a loss of time and you dont enjoy scribbling on your schoolbooks while bored anyway, it probably is , besides the name says it all : you don't have to
Q : Why?

A : It's handy and it prevents "you are leaving this site" links


Q : everything looks like a mess

A : they said that about the death star too . But seriously, its not a project, its a hobby with perks, its on a see where it goes basis as well as a do it while it happens basis. Plans are made to be thwarted only. Improv is better than rock-solid planning, the universe has a knack of getting in the way with this thing called *humans*


Q : i dont wanna

A : "you dont have to"


Q: its not worth my time
A : if you feel like that then it probably isnt :) this is for kids and your inner kid who do and used to doodle on the books while bored in school anyway , it says #nftyr but its not an NFT site , the intention is to allow donations to be sent through directly to the submitter on stuff that sticks on the site and makes it past the temp section or gets voted "wow" enough to stay right away


Q : wut ?
A : stick around and see


Q : What's up with the votes ?
A : there are shell scripts in the shadows that have been running since the dawn of time ... its not on github but its not rocket science either and as far as we're concerned thats where the real power-to-the-people of steem(it) lies as opposed to the ETHereum elite , but it wont if you dont. The scripts pick , they pick for one : a heap of accounts that were there 4 years ago (still are) but have stopped posting b/c i used to check those, they pick : a heap of accounts that have been around and STILL ARE posting, those are what we like to call "content-based" picks. We also have a minor donation of 0.5 steem per week (atm) via @tipu subscriptions (which caters to an even smaller crowd) , then there are what we call "utility accounts" , most of those have quit when the price dumped, because of flagwars and the fact that anyone with more money can just lay down the law and wreck your work and many other reasons, the takeover (which in the end looks less good for the hivers than for the stick-arounders, we personally dont post on both but its not excluded, the main reason is : no clue about the HIVE-version of condenser and the nodes, see that when it gets there). It picks : anything we add manually to the list. It picks : up to a certain amount since it will always vote with no gaps at 100% for posts / 50% for added comments when vp is full, up to a certain amount it scans for anyone who voted on a @tyrnannoght posts and then scans those to see *if they made any posts* , if they have *if the posts are not too old* and it adds those to the back of the list so the voting never stops. That's what *we* call "vote-back" ... no guarantee since its only possible to fit a max amount of full votes within a 7day span. ON TOP of *that*, after the original kept filling up and had people who post every day appear 7 times vs. people who post once a week, some people have multiple a day, so the closest to "fair" mister Syntax Error could come up with was : scan every new addition to see if that account already has a post listed and thus : you can only have one post per account in the queue at one time (unless manually added) - its less complicated than it sounds if you know a bit of linux bash but its a lot more than it is as well, even in 2020 its easy to get a K-lock, but it doesnt show because peeples use libs and a lib might be 10K-locks (-thousand lines) but in YOUR script it shows as only one

you see? so you get the illusion that you are the supreme clean coder :D

but thats irrelevant, thats in a nutshell how the voting goes. But the compos are liquid "a steem" per compo (for the time being, say hypothetically steem goes over $5 again and we get enough submissions its likely we pick a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, its not to make you rich , its  #justforfun and you can always ask uncle duck what "a steem" meant to him )

allright ? thx.

O wait there's more : from the voters every week 1 (ONE!) account is picked that gets 1 (ONE!) sbi-share, we often pick manually the all-time top supporters since the universe kinda revolved around exchange of energy anyway but mostly its a random pick from ALL top-voters in the last 10k transactions at the time of choosing (who have an active feed with a post that is not too old to vote on as the most recent one etc...)

Edit edit, it will get less over time and the max is 64kb, euhm ... opinions aside (i do think seeing what gets on daily a few kb editing this wont make too much difference to overall performance) : if steemit stays alive , over time it will have to consider maintenance anyway (re-streaming so older edits dont get kept on the chain, which , as we have been told, was originally an idea by Ned "NSA" Scott in case an audit was needed ... VERY CRYPTO ... very nonymous , SO .. opinions aside, this bit is irrelevant. Edits will be as needed without taking extra steem from the chain, rejoice about that instead :)

Q : huh ?

A :


A guy named Trey Ratcliffe once said on a google talk : "If you really like something you should NEVER do it when you don't feel like it, b/c the worst that will happen is that you start to associate it with slur and drag and it becomes boring ... a task .. a chore ... a job ...." (words not exactly re-quoted but im sure he'll remember if he were to ever read this)

manpages :

- [faq]( (last edited 2021 04 30)
- [screens]( (last updated : may 8,  2021)

"*I don't know that i ever wanted greatness on its own. It seems rather like wanting to be an engineer, rather than wanting to design something - or wanting to be a writer, rather than wanting to write. It should be a by-product, not a thing in itself. Otherwise it's just an ego-trip"
<sub>Roger Zelazny</sub>

i seem to have ... misplaced a backup of a whole website i just made before re-installing so i hope the one from before my chair tried to assassinate me has everything i did up until then, i remember messing with the config and env vars to speed things up (i <3 picoseconds) was quite something for a rank amateur like me.

Q : the game ?
A : still set to be released in early access for €120 for early adopters in 2150, unless we find that ~~100 million~~ 200 million (inflation, right ?) , in which case we will try to release it by 2050 instead ... Alleycat , ZeroDesign and Syntax Error can be blasted nitpickers ... (you thought i was gonna say a** , right ?)


login / registration
tis to say (when opened up to all mails not just the test addresses it can do for testing atm): 


Q: "I dont really trust the login system" 
A: "Why?"

Q: "It has no password and its really weird"
A: "Do you consider your mail account and client to be secure?"

QA: "..."
QA: "..."
QA: "...i dont know ?"
A: "Basically what you're saying is that its possible for anyone at anytime to get into your mail account and reset any password from any site to anything they want whenever they feel like it, if they have access. So if your other passwords are safe with your mail then there should be nothing to worry about"
Q:"Its still weird"
A:"probably ... we prefer abnormal but experimental, the aim is *less hassle* , no sensitive data is kept , will be kept at the beginning, no steem keys will be used on our behalf, since theres no password there will be no passowrd guessing if a hacker or mister robot accidentally works at the hosting service or  the office and since the mailadress itself isnt stored raw we couldnt even send a newsletter since we dont have it - as such"
Q:"Its still weird"
A:"probably ... but like that the Wright brothers would never fly"
Q:"Will there be other login options?"
A:"One thats for sure is, assuming the company still operates, the yubikey OTP dongle, the premise being, hasslefree, no passwords stored, no third party trackers apps and no painstakingly annoying captchas leaving cookie crumbs. Syntax Error has expressed feeling 'that itch' and will probably try to wreck some code together to form a desktop OTP application like an authenticator, just to get rid of the itch. We do, ofcourse, understand that we are not a corporartion thats widely accepted to track all your vital data and where you freely give your bra-size to facebook and your cellphones to youble, downloading an executable by "Janes Onderground" seems ... weird ? (...) un-safe"

we completely understand but *yes* and other options are totally reliant on how many people with registered accounts or unique emails ask for it. The premise is : no interest = no hassle = waste of time since pointless. After all we are NOT SELLING ANYTHING ... currently that would be criminal since we're not operating a company"

... login registration is not active yet but can be tested using a one-time email service of which the name is provided, thanks for your interest and asking, if there is anything else don't hesitate ... dont be too loud about it or google and facebook will send hitmen to kill the competition and

we dont compete , its #justforfun

Q : for mobile stuff please scroll to the bottom, we dont really do mobile stuff but if any one-or-more people is interested enough (a minimum of more than zero)

A : What we wanted to communicate there : the website will not be designed mobile-first (we personally feel thats really constrictive to crea and options provided by html/css and the likes BUT !) IF theres ever anyone on mobile phones visiting and willing to provide a screenshot of what things look like (together with phone brand and model/series/operating system +version) please mail these to . Its not like we're not willing but it seems an awful lot of pointless droning if no one even cares :) Thanks in advance if you do, nothing lost if you dont care enough to not to. Even less if you never check it :)


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