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Coinmarketcap 13/05/2020
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**Hoy llegamos a la tercera jornada laboral, donde antes de comenzar quiero agradecer a los usuarios que me apoyan con sus votos así como a los nuevos usuarios que leen por primera vez mis post apoyando mis publicaciones, bueno ahora pasemos a lo importante de mis post que es saber cual ha sido cierre y comportamiento del mercado para hoy.**
<blockquote>Today we arrive to the third working day, where before starting I want to thank the users that support me with their votes as well as the new users that read for the first time my posts supporting my publications, well now let's move on to the important thing of my posts that is to know what has been the closing and behavior of the market for today.</blockquote>

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**El día de hoy mercado nuevamente se ha generado un nuevo aumento en el mercado de "4.31%" siendo el segundo de manera consecutiva donde se logra un aumento de 6.85% en 48h nada mal pero esperemos lo que falta de semana no se de malas noticias y que mercado siga incrementando de a poco.**
<blockquote>Today the market achieves the first increase of the week being "2.54%" being able to recover from the loss of yesterday and obtaining benefits, already today is a day post-halving we will see that it has prepared us market in this new stage.</blockquote></div>

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<center>**Hoy es un día positivo 👍 alrededor de 93% de las criptos han logrado incrementos de mas 3%.**<center>
<blockquote>Today is a positive day 👍 about 93% of the crypts have achieved increases of more than 3%.</blockquote>

<center><sub>**[Colors of the Market](</center></sub>**

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**Cuando dejas de soñar dejas de vivir. <code>Malcolm Forbes.</code>**
<blockquote>When you stop dreaming you stop living. <code>Malcolm Forbes.</code></blockquote>

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<center><sub>**Designs Made to: [sevillaespino](**</sub></center>

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