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Coinmarketcap 13/11/2020 by sevillaespino

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Coinmarketcap 13/11/2020
<div class=text-justify>

**Bueno llegamos al día viernes que viene acompañado con el fin de semana, ya falta poco para terminar la semana espero se mantenga ritmo del mercado y tengamos un fin de semana de buenas noticias o de estabilidad así como también les deseo a todos los que apoyan mis post tengan un agradable sábado y domingo.**
<blockquote>Well my we arrive to next Friday with the weekend, I hope the market keeps up with us and we have a weekend of good news or stability as well as I wish all my supporters have a nice Saturday and Sunday.</blockquote>

![CMC Steemit.png](https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmX6nFcPBaNifCni6GKBGeF2ZCJew7EAgZfy75cfaEuwAE/CMC%20Steemit.png)

**El día de hoy mercado luego de varios incrementos se genera una correccion tan pequeña que no afecta mucho mercado apenas es "0.06%" por lo que facilmente podria recuperarse durante este fin de semana esperemos que asi sea.**
<blockquote>Today's market after several increases is generated a correction so small that does not affect much market is just "0.06%" so it could easily recover during this weekend hopefully.</blockquote></div>

![barra separadora sevillaespino.png](https://steemitimages.com/DQmWcTLRbAfirX5f7KKu6A8z2smcGVnjKTxJPxF7JP3imJK/barra%20separadora%20sevillaespino.png)


![barra separadora sevillaespino.png](https://steemitimages.com/DQmWcTLRbAfirX5f7KKu6A8z2smcGVnjKTxJPxF7JP3imJK/barra%20separadora%20sevillaespino.png)

<center>**Hoy es un día negativo 👎 a pesar que vemos muchas monedas en balance positivo las que perdieron valor afectaron mercado pero en lo mas minimo.**<center>
<blockquote>Today is a negative day 👎 although we see many currencies in positive balance those that lost value affected the market but at least.</blockquote>

<center><sub>**[Colors of the Market](https://coin360.com)</center></sub>**

![barra separadora sevillaespino.png](https://steemitimages.com/DQmWcTLRbAfirX5f7KKu6A8z2smcGVnjKTxJPxF7JP3imJK/barra%20separadora%20sevillaespino.png)

**El precio del éxito es trabajar duro y la determinación de que, sin importar si perdiste o ganaste, diste lo mejor de ti mismo en el proyecto. <code>Vince Lombardi.</code>**
<blockquote>The price of success is hard work and the determination that, regardless of whether you lost or won, you did your best on the project. <code>Vince Lombardi.</code></blockquote>

![barra separadora sevillaespino.png](https://steemitimages.com/DQmWcTLRbAfirX5f7KKu6A8z2smcGVnjKTxJPxF7JP3imJK/barra%20separadora%20sevillaespino.png)

<center><sub>**Designs Made to: [sevillaespino](https://steemit.com/@sevillaespino)**</sub></center>
![barra separadora sevillaespino.png](https://steemitimages.com/DQmWcTLRbAfirX5f7KKu6A8z2smcGVnjKTxJPxF7JP3imJK/barra%20separadora%20sevillaespino.png)
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