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Lead management, validation and why it matters by donefezy

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Lead management, validation and why it matters
<div class=text-justify>In the 20th century, traditional marketing such as door-to-door, mailbox, newspaper, radio, and television marketing used to be a thing. But since the advent of the Internet, coupled with the outburst of many social media in the 21st century, the traditional form of marketing became less effective. The Internet has no boundaries and has compressed the world into a global village where people from different parts of the world interact with their selves on a daily. For this reason, many companies leverage the benefits of the Internet to advertise and target their customers on all continents at a very low cost.

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Due to the high demand, speed, and accuracy of the Internet, customers can now interact with adverts posted online, chat with the production company and get a swift response in order to make better decisions in purchasing the product. All these necessitate the need for companies to strategizes ways to target the right customers, interact with them, manage and nurture them in order to get effective results. For this reason, companies worldwide budget a huge amount of money on affiliate marketing yearly.

# Benefits of lead validation

Due to errors such as wrong clicks, spams and affiliate websites/blog owners wanting to milk product companies, product companies running affiliate marketing campaigns needs to validate their leads. Leads validation involves the process of separating genuine potential leads from spams, error, etc. Validation of leads helps companies to understand the effectiveness of the affiliate marketing campaign they are running. It also helps to track and gather genuine, accurate and real-time information of potential leads that will help these companies grow.

Due to the high influx of leads, tracking, sorting, and validation of leads manually are pointless. The reason why many companies fall to scam by affiliate website/blog owners because they are unable to keep track of this information.

# The solution

Due to the inability for companies to keep track of the high influx of leads data, the competition of companies getting ahead of each other and the high cost of employing workers to handle this process manually, companies now make use of lead management software. [Databowl]( is an all-in-one solution for companies to optimize their marketing campaigns. [Databowl]( comes with many cool features such as a multi-level real-time validation process, affiliate tracking, and landing page builder. Top-notch companies such as Qatar Airways, Scottish power, etc make use of [Databowl]( and have left positive feedback. 

You can request a [free demo version]( and also check the [FAQ here]( 
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