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Effects of Negative Thinking and Awareness
Other Effects of Negative Thinking Low self-esteem and lack of assertiveness have obviously been the results of a long term negative thinking practice. As you keep repeating your own negative thoughts to yourself, you convince yourself that you are nothing without successes and that any challenges coming your way are proof that you're wrong. You're affirming to yourself that you're a pessimist with very slim prospects of changing for the best. How does this affect your personal and professional lives?
The effects of negative thinking can make it difficult to let go of unhealthy habits. Habits like doubting your own skills or doubting your own abilities to do something, even if you know that it's completely possible to do these things. If you don't allow yourself to be open and accept the reality of what life has to offer, you'll never be able to let go of negative thinking and the negativity that go with it.

Letting go of negativity in your life starts with an understanding that negative thoughts don't actually make anything happen. So rather than focusing on the effects of negative thinking vs positive thoughts, focus on the opposite: positive thoughts vs negative thoughts. Letting go of the negative and doubtful thoughts first allows the positive thoughts to come quickly and easily, creating the momentum that is necessary to create change. It will also encourage you to be in touch with your feelings so that you can begin to turn around from the negative to the positive. It may seem like a daunting task at first, but as you begin to trust and release the negative thoughts, you'll find that it begins to become easier to let go of them.

Think Big Instead of believing what you tell yourself about how poor you look, let go of that thought and replace it with one of images that fills you with feelings of confidence. Think big! Instead of focusing on what you don't know or what you fear, challenge those negative thoughts with positive images. This approach creates space in your mind where new, creative ideas can reside.

Be Aware of Your Body A common effect of negative thinking is focusing on negative body language as well as other non-verbal communication. Watch your posture, the way you walk and hold yourself. Pay attention to when your body is showing tension and stress. Also pay attention to when you feel threatened or when your thoughts suggest that something bad is going to happen. Once you recognize these signs, consciously relax and release any negative thoughts. You can then concentrate on the ways that you can improve your well-being.

Let Go of Passive Negative Believing A major part of letting go of negativity is to actively reject the negativity that others send your way. For instance, if a person tells you that you're not good enough, tell them "I'm so much more than this." Or if someone says that you'll never amount to anything, tell them "There's no way that I'll ever be able to achieve your expectations. I just don't see the point of continuing like this." When you reject these types of negativity, you're actively engaging the ability to change your thinking so that it no longer matches negativity.

The Benefits of Using Mindfulness to combat Effects of negative thinking You may have heard the saying, "actions speak louder than words" and this saying is absolutely true when it comes to how your actions will affect your state of mind. Taking action is often one of the most important ways to combat negative thoughts and the effects of negativity, and it can help you to turn your mind away from negativity when it invades your mind. Learning to focus your attention and realize that all things in life are interconnected helps you become more aware of the fact that all things are good and that all people are capable of doing great things.
It's important to remain positive when combating the effects of negativity, but you must also realize that not all things are as negative or bad as you may imagine. All people make mistakes and are bound to make errors, even if they think they're being Superman. You can learn to accept that sometimes your actions will lead you astray, but you must also recognize that all things are meant to be positive in some shape or form. A wellness coach can help you to do just this by giving you positive thoughts and ideas and showing you how to put them into practice.
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