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The Importance of Optimism in Change Management
Optimism is a willingness to risk. Risk taking is always a risk. In fact most people are willing to take a chance. But there are those who want to be more certain than others and thus will push the envelope even further.

Optimism is also a form of cynicism. We all have cynics in our circle of friends, colleagues and family. Some may be perfectly honest and others may use the cynic as a foil. The key here is not to react to the comments made, but to take them on board and consider them as part of everyday life. They may be the cynic's worst critic but it doesn't change the fact that they are human and can't help having a positive outlook.
And optimists, by their nature, tend towards negativity. That's why optimists are sometimes referred to as pessimists. If you are an optimist you'll have a pessimistic outlook on life but if you're a pessimist you'll be a negative optimist. You'll just need to find a happy medium.

When we speak of optimists versus pessimists we often associate optimism with others. We hear phrases like 'the glass is half full' or 'they'll never find it in you'. These statements presuppose that there are bad things that happen in life and the optimist expects good things to happen. However, when we speak of optimists we think of them as self-conscienceakers.

By this I mean that they have high standards for themselves and for others. They are not afraid of being strict with themselves and are unwilling to compromise for others. Optimism is the state of mind that when it comes to your own happiness and achievements you feel completely satisfied. People who are optimists have faith that hard work pays off and when they reach their goals they celebrate their successes. They are not frightened to tell the world that they are successful and have big dreams.

Conversely, people who are pessimists believe that everything is dreadful and that nothing will ever be right in their life. They focus on the negatives and bad things in their lives and let go of hope because they do not see the light at the end of the tunnel. They are unwilling to take risks and live in the present instead of living for tomorrow.

The most important quality of optimists is that they are optimistic. They think positively about everything including failure and think that by working hard things will always work out in your favor. By contrast pessimists believe that life is a struggle and that nothing will ever work in your favor including losing a fight to the most difficult of circumstances. Optimism allows you to look at problems from a positive perspective and sees them as opportunities.

You can therefore see the importance of positive self-esteem in improving your self-esteem. A lack of self-esteem can adversely affect the way you feel about yourself, the way others perceive you and your own life. Self-esteem is therefore far more important than the security blanket that many people think it is. So start cultivating your own optimism today.

The most successful people in the world have one thing in common. They know how to manage optimism, the ability to be optimistic and a positive attitude. By being realistic about the challenges in their lives they have shown themselves to be strong willed people who are able to take control when necessary and keep control. By thinking pessimistically they have learned to focus on the positive side of the issues and challenges in their lives. Optimism is an essential quality of people who succeed in life and change management professionals who are successful.

This is one example of how optimism has changed the lives of millions of people around the world. In business this means motivating, supporting, inspiring and encouraging your team. When you do this, you create a sense of belonging and believing that they too can achieve great things. It does not matter if your team members have been working under a difficult situation for years, if you remain calm, empathetic and supportive then they too will benefit from the environment created. It is amazing the impact that mere communication and being able to listen can have on a team. If you have a negative outlook on things then people will begin to see through the words and actions you speak, which is the last thing you want.

This is also one example of the positive benefits of optimism in change management. If you as a manager are pessimistic about a situation in your workplace you will inevitably have staff feeling under pressure. It is very difficult to motivate people if you do not believe in their ability. If you instill optimism in your employees and staff, you will be able to get them motivated about reaching their targets. This should become an innate part of every employee training program because optimism is one of the most important attitudes to possess in order to manage change. It is a natural talent just like talent in music or dance; people with positive attitudes will shine.*gWg5BdJjnxm5PnZKzRUbRg.png
In conclusion, optimism is a necessary quality in the workplace and in life. It can boost confidence and help people who are under stress. It is a contagious quality so it is best to practice it regularly. Management has a massive responsibility to ensure that every person in their business has a healthy dose of optimism in them to successfully manage change.
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