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How to Have Confidence and Courage Like a Pro
The greatest lesson that you can learn about confidence and courage is the path to success is not always a straight line. While success can be obtained in many small steps, you cannot go from failure to success without taking the time to build up your confidence and skills. There will be some moments when the road to success seems a very short one, but this is the time to look back and reassess the obstacles that stood in your way. Each time you succeed, you will find a new level of excitement in your life that has nothing to do with the previous achievement, and you may even discover a quality customer service element to it.
If you feel that you lack confidence and courage, take a look at how much your work requires of you today. Ask yourself if you are truly using all of your skills and abilities to their fullest potential. Do you take the time to learn about what it takes to succeed? Are you constantly asking for more help from those around you or are you satisfied with the hum drum success that you have?

If your confidence and courage are low, take some time to evaluate where you are right now and determine if you are moving in the right direction. Can you identify any areas where you could use some improvement? Is your organization moving in the right direction? Has your business structure become stale and boring?

You may have heard the success saying, "there is no honor among thieves," but you have to believe that it really is true. If you lack confidence and courage, you are not likely to feel the same way about others. If you have low self-esteem, you will probably project that behavior onto others. It is important to make the distinction between what you want and what you feel you deserve. Realize that you can have both confidence and courage, and you will gain control of your business destiny.

The first step to take is to develop your courage. Start by taking small steps toward greater confidence and courage. When you recognize your strengths and weaknesses and set some boundaries, you will gradually increase your courage. Then you can take the next step by applying those same principles to your small business.

Take some time out for yourself and read a motivating book or listen to an inspirational speaker. Practice your breathing and make a list of goals for this week. Ask some of your friends to chime in and offer advice and they will be so happy to do it because it means they get some recognition for their efforts. Believe in yourself and continue to work toward your goals.

Your confidence and courage will grow as you practice your listening skills. Try to develop a good listening strategy. Spend a little time each day listening to your telephone, the phone ringing and other noises. You will find that it is not only pleasant, but it also helps to take your mind off the things that are bothering you. Try to give yourself one hour each day just for this and you will find that you have more energy and confidence.*-XiAHj0Mp7d3tIJHqBlerA.jpeg
Finally, take some time to visit with a loved one or two. It does no good to focus all your attention on your problems if you do not have someone you can talk to. Find someone who you get on with and spend some time with them. When we are challenged, we are likely to do our best for that person. If you spend more time with them and share your problems, you will build a better relationship and build your self esteem.
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