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Motivating People Around You With a Positive Word
People say that encouragement is one of the most important components to winning at life, but how can we motivate other people with a positive word? We hear about inspiring others in all walks of life, and we see and hear about successful people who inspire us. So what makes encouragement work in helping us achieve our goals?
A positive word or affirmation uplift those around us. When we are down in the dumps, we tend to keep to ourselves and not tell anyone we need help. Those around us with a positive disposition to listen to what we have to say and are more open to suggestions. This spreads a message of support and encouragement.

Those around us have problems and most of us have bad days. There is no need to keep it to ourselves when there is a solution right around the corner. A message of support can get us out of that dark place and help us find hope. Sometimes it takes a small push to get us moving in the right direction.

Those around us need encouragement. We need to hear that someone cares and is interested in our well being. With the right attitude we will find that encouragement is easier to find than we first imagine. Sometimes it just takes a second to jot down a positive word or phrase and give it a try. Others may not respond immediately, but this doesn't mean that they don't care, they just don't think it's possible for them to do something about it.

If you are around other people with a positive word and you don't hear any response, chances are it is because they don't understand what you are saying or what you are trying to say. When you express yourself, you should be able to feel a connection with those around you. If you can connect to them on an emotional level, you have created a bond, which is a vital element for the process of Motivating people around you with a positive word.

When you are around people with a positive word, they will tend to open up and begin to share themselves more. This is where the process of Motivating people around you with a positive word begins. You might start by saying something like "I really appreciate the opportunity to be here talking to you, I really enjoy meeting you new friends. I really want to thank you for taking the time to come and visit with me, it means a lot to me". Think about how many times that statement has been said to you when you have been invited to meet someone new.

The more you tell someone that they are a special person and worth something, the more it will inspire them and get them to open up and become more comfortable around you and willing to share themselves. You don't have to put your name first in front of anyone, but you do need to use it as often as possible, this will start a cycle of affirmation and lead to the positive flow around you. This is just one example of how using a positive word can help you with motivating people around you with a positive mindset. You also want to tell everyone around you to think of you with a positive attitude and a sense of appreciation. These statements and reactions are natural and are the best way for you to get into a positive frame of mind.
The most important thing to remember when using a positive word as a tool for changing the behavior of other people around you is that you are using a positive word as a tool, not a tool for changing people. If all you did was yell you would get nowhere fast. People aren't creatures of habit, they tend to be very flexible and react quickly to the direction in which you are leading them. Using a positive word will allow them to take the direction you are leading them in naturally. Take the time to find positive words that work and try them out in your interactions with the people around you. I guarantee that your influence will dramatically increase.
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