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“Jamaican Rhapsody,” by Ronald Reggae … (Comedy / Parody – Music to Your Ears, Mock’n’Roll–17) by majes.tytyty

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“Jamaican Rhapsody,” by Ronald Reggae … (Comedy / Parody – Music to Your Ears, Mock’n’Roll–17)
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<br><h5>Ganja, everybody, is a gift from God.  So, why go and throw it all away?</h5>
<h3>Ronald Reggae – <i>“Jamaican Rhapsody”  </i></h3>   <p> 

<h1><em>“Jamaican Rhapsody”</em> (2018)</h1>
<p>In this parody of <em>“Bohemian Rhapsody,”</em>&nbsp; the band Ronald Reggae rhapsodizes about the wonders of cannabis.&nbsp;</p>
<h3>The Real Leaf</h3>
<p>Instead of asking <em>“Is this the real life?”,</em>&nbsp;they ask <em>“Is this the real LEAF?”</em>&nbsp;&nbsp;They then proceed to create an accurate semblance of Queen’s original song, with little of its seriousness but plenty of humour. </p>
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At the end, instead of crooning <em>“Nothing really matters …”,</em>&nbsp; they croon <em>“No law really matters …”</em><p></p>
How could a law make a difference anyway, when the wildly popular and totally harmless weed is available almost anywhere, and to anyone?&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;    <br>
<a href=""><i><sub>(Image source)</sub></i> </a>

<h1>Ronald Reggae</h1>
Ronald Reggae is a 5-member band that was founded in 2015. They refer to themselves as <em>“your favorite local, working-class, rock and roll outfit,”</em>&nbsp; which is bringing <em>“truth”</em>&nbsp; and <em>“justice”</em>&nbsp; to the world. &nbsp;&nbsp;</p>
<h3>The Real Good Leaf</h3>
The band’s Facebook page states that they are on <em>“a mission: total vegetal segregation elimination, promotion of legalization by musical creation &amp; inspiration combination.”</em>&nbsp; Apparently they were on something else, too, when they composed that mission statement. Like, maybe, some <em>“real good leaf.”</em>  <p>
<i> Is this the real leaf? <br>
Is this the cannabis? <br>
Caught on a dry side, must escape from reality <br>
Just legalize, and I'm gonna plant my seeds <br>
I'm just a homeboy, weed is no luxury <br>
I need a doobie here, doobie there <br>
Little high, very high <br>
Everywhere the weed grows<br>
No law really matters to me, to me <p>
Ganja never killed a man <br>
Put a blunt against his head <br>
Light the lighter, now he’s dead <br>
Ganja, everybody, is a gift from God <br>
So, why go and throw it all away <p>
Ganja, oohoo (let the weed grow) <br>
It’s meant to make you fly<br>
If I'm not back again this time tomorrow <br>
Pass it on, pass it on, save me some for later <p>
Too late, the time has come <br>
Getting legal around the world <br>
And improving all the time <br>
Goodbye prohibition, grass has got to grow <br>
Gonna leave ignorance behind and spread the buds <p>
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Ganja, oohoo, we all wanna fly <br>
This magical herb should be distributed to all <p>
<sub> (guitar solo) </sub> <p> 
I need a little single puff on a spliff <br>
Purple kush, purple kush, will make me one to go <br>
Skunk and northern lights aren't very very frightening to me <br>
Marcus Garvey, Marcus Garvey, Marcus Garvey, <br>
Marcus Garvey, Bobaro Marleyfico, Marleyfico, oh ho hooooo <p>
I’m just a homeboy, nobody stones me <br>
He's just a homeboy from a dry neighborhood  <br>
Spare him his grass from this illegality <p>
Easy plant, easy grow, will you let me grow? <br>
Indica? <br>
No! We will not let you grow, let me grow<br>
 Indica, we will not let you grow <br>
Let me grow, Indica, we will not let you grow, <br>
Let me grow, we will not let you grow, <br>
Let me grow, we will not let you grow <br>
Let me grow <br>
Oh oh oh oh, yes yes yes yes yes<br>
Sensimilla sensimilla, let me grow <br>
Beelzebud has a devil pot a side for me, for me, for meeeeee <p>
So you can stone me and spliff makes me high  <br>
So you can come here and outsmoke the-I <br>
Oooooo, bredrin, pass it on to me, <br>
Bredrin, just gotta get high, just gotta get high right now   <p>
<sub> (chillest instrumental ever) </sub> <p> 
No law really matters<br>
Anyone can smoke <br>
No law really matters<br>
No law really matters to the-I <br>
Everywhere the weed grows. </i>  &nbsp;&nbsp;<a href=""><i><sub>(Image source)</sub></i> </a>
<p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Queen –  <a href=""><i><b>"Bohemian Rhapsody"</b></i>&nbsp;</a> &nbsp;<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<sub><sub>(Right-click to hear on YouTube) </sub>

<br>Lyrics by <b><i>Ronald Reggae,</i></b> courtesy of – <a href=><i><b></b></i>  </a> 
<<br>Reference – <a href=""><i><b></b></i>  </a> 
<br>Reference – <a href=""><i><b></b></i>  </a> 
<br>Reference – <a href=""><i><b></b></i>  </a>
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