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“Moscow Drug Club,” by BB Gabor … (New Wave / Alt-Pop – Music to Your Ears–46) by majes.tytyty

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“Moscow Drug Club,” by BB Gabor … (New Wave / Alt-Pop – Music to Your Ears–46)
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<br><h5>A small secret nightclub, where subversives sit and talk … and smoke Georgian Gold.</h5>
<h3>BB Gabor – <i>“Moscow Drug Club”  </i></h3>   <p>

<h1><em>“Moscow Drug Club”</em> (1980)</h1>
<p>This great waltz tune was in some ways typical of the torrent of exceptional music that came from the streets of our cities and towns in the late 1970s / early 1980s.&nbsp;</p>
<h3>Is it Art?</h3>
<p>Songs such as <em>“Moscow Drug Club”</em>&nbsp; were played only in small venues or by college radio and small alternative stations that focused on the punk and new wave music of those few years. But was this punk? Clearly not. &nbsp;</p>
<h3>It’s Art, and it’s Fine</h3>
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Was it new wave? Was it alt-pop? Was it east-euro-trad-pop? Or was it just some excellent music written by an Eastern European expat who happened to be a denizen of the vibrant music scene around Toronto’s Queen Street West, circa 1980. &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>
<p>Probably the latter, cuz it’s now 2019, and we can still listen to this song and enjoy it immensely. Clearly, <em>“Moscow Drug Club”</em>&nbsp; is fine musical art that has stood the test of time. 
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href=""><i><sub>(Image source)</sub></i> </a>
<h1>BB Gabor</h1>
<p>BB Gabor was a Hungarian expat who moved to Toronto, Canada (via the UK). His real name was Gabor Hegedus, but he adopted the “BB” of the great bluesman BB King, and retained the name “Gabor” in a nod to his fellow Hungarian Zsa Zsa Gabor.&nbsp;</p>
<p>As a child, Gabor had been interested in music. However, he refused to study music formally, preferring the do-it-yourself formula of the rock and pop bands of the 1960s. &nbsp;&nbsp;</p>
<p>Over 1980–81, BB Gabor released 2 albums. At Canada’s <em>“Juno”</em>&nbsp; music awards, he was nominated in the category of <em>“Canada's Most Promising Musician.”</em> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>
<h3>A Brilliant Artist, a Great Lyricist</h3>
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Carole Pope, of the Toronto band Rough Trade, said that Gabor was <em>“a brilliant, underrated artist … a great lyricist in the style of Elvis Costello.”</em> &nbsp;
<p>Throughout the 1980s, he continued to work in music, most notably with Todd Rundgren, but was unable to revive his music career. He died on 17 January, 1990, apparently by his own hand. &nbsp;&nbsp;<a href=""><i><sub>(Image source)</sub></i> </a>
<sub> note – While researching this post, I learned that there is a band in the UK that calls itself <em>“Moscow Drug Club.”</em>&nbsp; They even do a rendition of this song. Soon enough, I’ll feature it as a Cover Version in this <em>“Music to Your Ears”</em>&nbsp;  series. </sub>  <p>
<i> Underneath the grey streets, where the grey people walk <br>
There's a small secret nightclub, where subversives sit and talk <br>
Listening to illegal jazz, 10 years behind the Western fads <br>
Smoking Georgian Gold, they refuse to do what they are told – "Nyet!" <p>
Moscow Drug Club, secret rendezvous <br>
Moscow Drug Club, where the Reds play the blues <br>
La la la la la, La la la la la  <br>
La lala la,  La lala la   <br>
La la la la la la la la laaaaaaa la la! <p>
You don't hear balalaikas, because they're playing saxophone  <br>
They ignore the party line, and disconnect the telephone <br>
They do the shimmy and the shake <br>
They take little “red” pills to stay awake <br>
Under the Kremlin's gaze <br>
Being a beatnik Russkie's risky now-a-days <p>
Moscow Drug Club, secret rendezvous  <br>
Moscow Drug Club, where the Reds play the blues <br>
Moscow Drug Club, the 5-Year Plan is just a joke <br>
Moscow Drug Club, <br>
Comrade, come on iiiiiiiiiiiiiinnn, and have a toke <p>
"Ho ho!”  <br>
“Oh, ho ho ho!" <br>
"Ah yi"  <br>
 Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey … hey hey hey hey hey!!! </i>

<br>Songwriters <b><i>BB Gabor / Leon Stevenson / Denis Keldie,</i></b> courtesy of “Indy Diver” – <a href=""><i><b>YouTube</b></i>  </a> 
<br>Reference – <a href=""><i><b>Wikipedia</b></i>  </a> 
<br>Reference – <a href=""><i><b>Wikipedia</b></i>  </a> 
<br>Reference – <a href=""><i><b>PopMatters</b></i>  </a>
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@lanzjoseg ·
Hi @majes.tytyty

Many years ago I heard a version of this song, but it was in a movie ..
since that time he had never heard it again.
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@majes.tytyty ·
Wow. It's surprising that you remember it after years and years. I bought the album when it came out (on vinyl), so I know it well. It's great that you could hear it again.
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