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Gods of the Greek Mythology - Zeus #3 by oendertuerk

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Gods of the Greek Mythology - Zeus #3*hn2Kfz-TcRwmRwdmm-r9ew.jpeg


Very soon Zeus offends Themis, but keeps her near him as a kind of counsellor.

Zeus now has astuteness, cunning and a sense of justice, but what is a king without a queen?

Zeus looks for his queen in his own family, incest is common among the gods and so Zeus's third wife is no less than his sister the goddess Hera.

She is hot-tempered, irascible and jealous as well. 
Brother and sister secretly unite on the island of Samos

But with Hera, Zeus first bites granite. She rejects his advances. After several failed seduction attempts Zeus turns into a young bird fallen out of the nest and trembling with cold. Full of pity, she picks up the little animal and begins to warm it.

Then Zeus takes on his true form again and he wants her. Hera reacts calmly and declares that she is ready to give herself to him if he promises to marry her.

Full of desire Zeus agrees and the beautiful goddess soon reminds him of his oath.

Hera has many advantages, even if her beauty, which she pays a lot of attention to, seems a little strict. She is the goddess with the white arms, irresistible. 

However, Zeus is not prevented from further amorous conquests by his wife's beauty and the wedding, which is in a way forced, always with a concrete goal.

He is the ruler of the universe and tries to strengthen his connections to the various elements of nature.

Like to the water and the seas, where he met Eurynome, the oldest daughter of Oceanos, is not so important. Like everyone else, she succumbs to his charm and gives him three children.

The famous three Graces, symbolizing the joy of life, as a gift from the gods. 

Later Zeus spends nine nights with another Titaness, the beautiful Mnemosyne, the goddess of memory, she gives him new daughters, the muses.

The Muses symbolize the arts, each one a different one, epic narration, tales, poetry, music and so on...
Partly the muses sing on the Olympus to the gods of their create, partly they are on the mountain Helicon, so it is said, to the poets a source of inspiration.

Among all the goddesses is one of mysterious and unsurpassed beauty Leto, the goddess of the night.

She has always been desired by Zeus. He wishes a son, a magnificent boy. The child is to become the god of sunlight, the god of music, poetry and the goddess of the night is to give birth to this child.

Has he forgotten Hera? 
His jealous and unforgiving wife?

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