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Ow little critter, where are you hiding under your shroom? by karinxxl

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· @karinxxl ·
Ow little critter, where are you hiding under your shroom?
Autumn is on and after a blasting amount of rain over the last three weeks, this week is looking a lot more gentle for spending some outside time. This is also good for the social contact, because I don't feel so super comfortable meeting up with people inside at the moment, but a walk to talk a bit and clear the head is always a good idea.
![Screenshot_20201013125952_Photo Editor.jpg](https://files.peakd.com/file/peakd-hive/karinxxl/jWtFmfxE-Screenshot_20201013-125952_Photo20Editor.jpg)

We went to a lake where I always like to walk around with, because of the dog naturally. But next to the lake there is also an entire forest and some moors which is also really cool to walk around. At some point in the forest I found a little spot which had a tremendous amount of mushrooms. Now it isn't so that I have seen any mushrooms lately, but those were more of the brown and the white ones. These red polkadotted ones are the mushrooms you want to be seeing when you think about autumn, and those are also the ones kids tend to draw when you are talking about mushrooms. *And these are also the ones where the little gnomes live under ;)))))*
![Screenshot_20201013130029_Photo Editor.jpg](https://files.peakd.com/file/peakd-hive/karinxxl/zAaF0g1m-Screenshot_20201013-130029_Photo20Editor.jpg)

This is the dude I am always thinking about when I am thinking of red mushroom, and admit it...You do too!

So anyway if the weather remains this way this might be a decent day out to meet with some people in case now the covid rules have been deceided to tighten up in a 'soft lockdown'. (Is there even something as a half lockdown? Isn't this like the 'ow no we didn't have sex, I just slipped in and out' Either you do it right or don't do it at all) Tuesday this was released in the pressconference in Holland and they are focussed on less people meeting up. Not a bad thing I think. But sometimes seeing some people feels good and I think walking outside together is a decent safe way to still do some of that.

I don't think government here in Holland would ever pull a full lockdown honestly, even if it would be needed. At first they are to chicken to do that, and Dutch people are way too (annoyingly) verbal to actually do that. So this will never happen. But some turning point has to be done again and it sucks that this one will most likely kill every bar and restaurant in town financially. The results on all of this will seen next year I guess when support funds are running low. It is going to get ugly, but when you see everybody outside it still looks like happy joy joy hugging and kissing all around.
![Screenshot_20201013130106_Photo Editor.jpg](https://files.peakd.com/file/peakd-hive/karinxxl/6So5dH7v-Screenshot_20201013-130106_Photo20Editor.jpg)

But back to these shrooms. How is it possible that in an entire forest that there is only one spot where these polkadot shrooms are growing? Is the temperature or the amount of sun just perfect there or what is it? I am just happy that I found them and that I took some pictures for the little ones to let them see that they still exist. And maybe, just maybe...if they go for a hike they will also find some with some little gnomes inside of there.

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