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Reflection: If I could live my life again by kalita27

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Reflection: If I could live my life again
<p><a href="https://i.pinimg.com/originals/6e/22/13/6e2213ee328f697ba04942849e8ebbb6.gif">Image 1</a></p>

Today I want to share with you these words. I am, as you yourself perhaps, someone who lives with rigor and sanity, hour after hour, and day after day. Orderly. Although I have also had my mistakes and, if I could be born again, you know what: I would still have more mistakes. 

If I could live my life again, I would also like to free myself from all those complexes and fears that prevented me from doing what I wanted and getting where I should have gotten. And I wouldn't just sit there like a stunner waiting for my life to pass; I would make it happen. I would not wait for my dreams to magically spring from the garden of nothingness and as the product of an improbable spell; I would give them breath and shape to grow. And, finally, I would not hold back my expectations or give up my dreams to please others; I would think of myself and my desires (I do not regret selfishness, just this once).

Do not interpret that I am talking to you from the resignation of the one who already takes everything for granted and does not expect more. On the contrary, I speak to you from the sense of the one who finally wakes up and frees himself from stupid mental chains, preparing himself to do what he still has time to do.

But let us go from the particular to the general. In the heat of our days, we devote excessive thoughts to establish, with infinite calculations, the coordinates of what is to come, dismissing, almost with disdain, the present, and what happens in it. That is to say, we live in an uncertain tomorrow, despising a confirmed today and, moreover, with our minds set on an unappealable past. We are that naive.

But life never goes beyond now, and in order for you to understand this, I would beg you to stop for a moment and turn off the engine that activates everything around you. I would ask you to postpone now any latent reflection that might distress you about that false future you invent or about the painful yesterday you do not forget, and to concentrate exclusively on this day, today, the only one you will have with the same design, development, and resolution. More will come, but none like this one; with its genuine joys and sorrows; with its own satisfactions, hopes, and expectations. What I am asking you is not to set the "automatic pilot" to live it. Give it the privileged rank of unique and sovereign that it deserves, and tomorrow do the same with the next one. In this way, you will understand that life never gives you two identical days and that it is, therefore, absurd to try to live them exactly the same.

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