Why Indians are facing issue to get the oxygen? by atulboss

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Why Indians are facing issue to get the oxygen?
Before starting this article let's see the current situation of the country which the Indians facing. It is capturing much of the TRP to the news channel showing the patients are taking their last breath due to lack of oxygen. Oxygen supply is enhanced to many folds but it is still incapable to fulfil the demands of patients. Some profit taker is also now involved in this business and they are creating the panic situation so that the life of the people can be evaluated on how much money the patients and their relative can spend to buy the life of their loved ones on the most precious things for today that is "The Oxygen".

**Where these oxygen cylinders come from?**
We know that atmosphere itself contains 21% of the oxygen among all the air present in it. This air goes through some processes called Fractional distillation. Let's talk about some details of it. 
Oxygen is separated from the air in an air separation unit (ASU). ASUs treat large volume of air and extract many gases separately but the oxygen is extracted by the process called Fractional distillation. By this process, oxygen is condensed to the liquid form and then liquid oxygen is filled in a container and transported for medical use over the country and also abroad. Majority of gases extracted for industrial use mainly in the iron and steel industry. Oxygen is transported to a larger quantity in cryogenic containers where the temperature is extremely low.
Some hospitals also make the oxygen production plants and refill the tanks at very minimal cost because the transport cost can be saved by the home production of this life gas.


**Why there is a crisis if there is that much amount of oxygen plants?**
Actually India can produce 7000 metric tonnes of oxygen per day basis but in the corona period as the demand is exponentially increasing and as per the current scenario actual demand per day is near about 8000 metric tonnes. So we are losing people because we are incapable of produce that much oxygen and so we are unable to fulfill the gap of 1000 metric tonnes. 

**What is the solution?**
As the crisis came suddenly we were not prepared for it. Making oxygen plants to fulfill these gaps is a time-consuming and waste process. So we should take help of some other country who are not facing that much issue because of corona.
Procurement of oxygen can be done on a large scale so that precious life can be saved.

That's it from my side. Be safe and happy.
Thanks for reading my post.
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