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Dungeons & Dragons: Going with the Flow by bwar

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Dungeons & Dragons: Going with the Flow

I'm currently playing in two D&D campaigns, both taking place in the same world.  It's been an extremely fun experience so far.  I'm the only player with a character in more than one campaign and its been kinda cool to be experiencing things effecting both campaigns but being the only person who knows.  The two campaigns have been very different thus far and I'm excited to see where the overall story progresses.

One campaign follows around a group of pirates and the story is shrouded in mystery.  We spend most of our time hunting down leads and searching for clues.  Our DM has thrown us lots of curveballs and right when we think we have things figured out we get hit with a new twist.  

The other campaign follows a group of druids trying to protect their clan.  They are constantly looking for powerful artifacts (and promptly losing them) and the gods seem to be much more involved in the goings ons of the party.  We always have lots of options on where we should go and what we should do.

The groups meet every other Thursday, so my life isn't consumed by multiple groups each week.  I've enjoyed that for the most part but missing out on any given week means we only end up getting together once a month which just doesn't feel like enough.

Tonight the pirate group plays and I will be playing a temporary character.  My main character may have got himself trapped on the other side of the continent and hasn't been able to find a way back.  It was 100% my own fault, I jump through a portal that I clearly would have issues getting back through.  I was curious and hoped I would be able to get more clues!  So tonight we have a guest player joining us, the DM's girlfriend, and I will be playing a companion character to what she's bringing to the table.  I'm pretty excited because I think it will add a fun dynamic to the group.

My character for tonight is Flow, the Warforged Barbarian.  My backstory I was given is that I'm a sentient trident that is an heirloom carried my my master Ebb.  Ebb is a Genasi Moon Druid and I don't really know much more than that at this point.  I made my character as fast as I possibly could and managed to end up with 55 movement speed.  My plan is to plan a very monotone, reluctantly subservient warforged who goes a bit crazy once combat starts.  i think it's going to be a fun night!
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