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"third party providers"
decided yesterday that youtube is *not for me* and for the few videos i'll ever need online for what is ultimately a hobby project i might as well stream them from the webspace i have with the host

and then

*third party providers*
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So esstentially all my comments (ALL my comments) on all my creators (ALL my creators) got flagged by an automated systems thats not even Patreon itself

on top of that i didnt get notified of anything and they just kept taking my money

without saying anything, so

to quote Jay-Z : 

i cant get with that

I'll see if theres an option to push my meagre €10 a year ($12) to the few things i support (dont ask me why, i shouldnt since im a bum and i dont make money with what i use from them and if i did in the current situation it probably be a crime) and try to *donate* (we are not selling or buying anything after all its a hobby and for lulz until further notice)

and thats as far as patreon goes then

a THIRD PARTY application runs on all the feeds wrecking your comments while they dont notify you and keep taking your money

so the clients dont have to do with it but they're victims of the anger anyway, Since internet is mostly about post and dont look back i wonder how many never notice that

so im guessing now, the reason why i barely EVER see any comments on patreon feeds is this , after all, at the moment you post it you SEE it, it looks like its posted so thats javascript updating the page or div and it IS on the server but the moment you refresh or if you were to ever read it twice theres nothing to see

to think patreon started out as something to do b/c youtube is too suck and greedy


gud ... times up, back hurts, at least i succeeded in scoring an appointment with an eye-doc at the hospital (non essential and the private practices are allowed to charge freely, or so i hear, which is too much for guttertrash like myself)

so we be free of youtube and patreon then, thats a bit sorry i had hoped to put a page up myself when i get back up but i cant get with companies who run like that and dont even know whats going on on their own shit (or worse : use 'third party' as an excuse to not be liable .... )

but whatever

things are looking REALLY bad btw globally i dont know what "the news" is telling you where you live but you should do your own research (seriously)

*no comment* on that


aw , btw : if miCrotter inc. wants to de-centralize authority its a bit like eth and eos : about control , what they MEAN is : we will provide you with a cryptoken thats unique and non-falsifiable so you can be tracked all across the planet from here to mars no matter where you move your iThing, how fast you walk between aisles in the supermarket and every account can only be one.

I even hurd they convinced the belgian governments to use THEIR system ... i mean we're talking Crotter inc here : "gets hacked by chinese on exchange globally and more" as well as "we give to the NSA what they want without arguing b/c we are good americans !"

THEY wanna do MY belgian passport

im gonna have to veto that

as for the rest : *no comment* before kanamori-chi takes over and starts editing

so im still alive

... but ... nah, : *no comment* (do your research)
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