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Homemade Carrot Chicken Chew Stick- One of Dog's Favorite Snacks! by aipaws

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Homemade Carrot Chicken Chew Stick- One of Dog's Favorite Snacks!


For most puppy parents, dog snacks are indispensable luxuries of life. Treats are used as training rewards, grinding teeth for oral hygiene, and much more. There are many kinds of dog snacks on the commercial market, but nothing beats a healthy organic homemade snack made with care and love. Dog snacks sold in stores can have many additives that are by no means healthy for your pooch.

Many dogs are born with a weak stomach, so it’s important to make the right choices when feeding your pup. Preparing every meal for a dog is not something many can facilitate, it’s time consuming and for most busy people, choosing a good staple food for their pup is very important. Dog snacks on the other hand, are served on occasion. This carrot chicken chew stick is simple, delicious and healthy for your dog. When everyone is enjoying food this Holiday Season, don't forget your little Furry friends, hurry up and try this tasty recipe for your dog!


Ingredients :

*2 egg yolks*

*Chicken Breast 250g*

*4 carrots*

*A little butter*

*Low-gluten flour*


Crush the carrots with a blender and remove water, fry with a little butter


Minced chicken breast


Carrots, chicken breasts, and egg yolks are mixed well and added with a moderate amount of low gluten flour to knead, no water is needed, the eggs will bind the mixture.

Add enough flour until the mixture is dry and not sticky. It should not be too soft as it will be difficult to shape.


Cut the dough into small pieces and roll them into strips by hand. Adjust the size of the dough strip according your dog’s size. Bigger dogs can feast on relatively wider bars. If you have a smaller dog, roll smaller strips for bitesize snacks.

Pinch both ends of the kneaded dough and rotate it slightly, place it on a tin-plated baking sheet.

Oven temperature: Bake at 170 degrees C for about 30 minutes


Dogs love to eat! PS: Don't put salt in dog snacks



Benefits: Chicken meat contains phospholipids, which are important for dogs' growth and development. It has beneficial effects to combat malnutrition, weakness, etc. Protein content of this snack is high, and it’s bite sized form allows for efficient digestion and absorption. An appropriate amount of carrots can help supplement vitamin A, which promotes better eye tissue health, protecting eyesight, improving body immunity, and maintaining skin and mucosal health. Cellulose contained in carrots can promote gastrointestinal motility in dogs, and can influence prevention and treatment of constipation.


This tasty dog snack smells delicious! Your dog will come running with joy to you. Aside from being a tasty snack and training rewards, it’s also good for your dog’s health. Give a gift of love and care this Holiday and make it for your baby!


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