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Beauty in the Fall by gadrian

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Beauty in the Fall
We're having a hot October in the area where I live, at least during the day.

I looked at the forecast for the next days, and it's either something wrong with the website or it's a copy-paste from one day to the next for the next week or so.

That's 25 degrees Celsius (27 today max), and 10-11 degrees in the night, the minimum, with 10% chance of rain. Same each day, starting tomorrow. That's a bit curious for my area, which doesn't often have such nonfluctuating weather.

Anyway, season says it's the middle of fall.

Some leaves agree.

But the sun and high temperatures during the day make flowers smile. Especially our roses.


This is not something entirely unusual, there was at least one year in my recent memory when they had flowers in December, until it snowed on them. But it was again a very mild weather until the end of year.


The ones that keep growing reach and even go above wall level from spring to late fall.


It's not only roses which seem to enjoy themselves right now.

We had this type of flower in a flowerpot. But this one was a rebel, wanted her freedom, took off and grew in the first piece of soil she found.


Ok now... just because I can hold a phone doesn't make me a photographer. I can see it and you can see it. That's one more reason why I appreciate people who are really good at what they do, even if they don't say much else.

I just thought I should capture and share this before the weather turns.
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