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Waited A While... by olawalium

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Waited A While...


<center>*When I first got to meet you back then
I always wondered about your smile and asked when?
I knew a beautiful smile is brewing underneath the toughness
I patiently waited to see it come into bloom
I know it's a matter of soon, it will zoom
I could see a lady that can love so deeply
But she had to guard her heart as she trusts easily
Time changes everything and this is just perfect
Watching you give that hearty smile makes me smile
I could watch this all day because it's a reality
With this kind of smile, you can nudge sense into insanity
What a beautiful smile I have waited a long while to see
I could beat my chest and say, it is worth waiting for*</center>


Thank you for your time.


**My pen doesn't bleed, it speaks, with speed and ease.**

*Still me*,

>My tongue is like the pen of a ready writer.


**Olawalium**; (**Love's chemical content, in human form**). *Take a dose today: doctor's order.*




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