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A Journey Of No Returns(An Original Poet) by oppongk

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A Journey Of No Returns(An Original Poet)

*Between the real life and Spiritual 
no one has ever determined the distance
If the road is rough or smooth, no one knows
Yet, many people always travel
They do not remind the life beings
What only they know is to keep mute
No one question their departure
No one wish to follow them*

*When will this cease to happen?
We always cry of their absence
Soon we forget of their missing
We mourn them for a while
We laugh for long 
We are made to forget
What baffles our minds?
From ages passed many have passed out
Yet, they do not return*

*Many slogans are said when
they are laid in state!
"I will go with you,"
Who did you leave us for?
We will miss you forever!
These and many more do we here!
Our senses, our feeling, our emotions
our actions, our wish, our faith and 
our tones all determine that,
they should have stayed!*

*Yet, their work are finished
in the real world that they were
planted into, what could they do?
Their bodies bodies become cold,
and useless at that moment
The only one they can communicate
is their Maker who sent them.
Their actions become inactions
 They have to pursue their journey
before them, which cannot be
explained in real life situation
Oh, what a journey of no returns!*
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