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Justice is dead, murdered by judges. [Argies Independent Herald] News From Argentina by cre47iv3

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Justice is dead, murdered by judges. [Argies Independent Herald] News From Argentina

<div class="text-justify">  &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; The unrest of power is of a Dantesque magnitude. Nations throughout the world are being sieged by huge corporations without nation that only respond to money and power. The three powers of democracy are beaten in unison by the battering rams of a new world order. The fourth power is a precise and oiled propaganda machinery. Today's event in Argentina shows empirically the defeat of democratic institutions.

&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Carlos Fernando Rosenkratz, will replace Ricardo Lorenzetti in January 2019 in the presidency of the Supreme Court of Justice. Maximum authority in the resolution of legal conflicts.

&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Carlos Rosenkratz is the main lawyer who participated in the litigation of “Grupo Clarín”. This is a gigantic and dark monopoly with an unprecedented size all over the world. They have many radio signals, a lot of public tv channels, an internet provider, a cellphone provider company, a cable operator distributor, newspaper, and the rights to distribute sports (PPV of course).

&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;The "great Argentine newspaper" has a dark history full of blood. He participated and collaborated with the most bloody dictatorships. They fattened their heritage by committing dark torture practices that were proven and documented in the case of “papel prensa” (Monopolic press paper company) where those crimes being proved (but not punished). They put his hands on that company by torture his original owners. Today, this obscure group still conserves Papel Prensa, the only company supplying paper for newspapers. Carlos Fernando Rosencratz is also the lawyer who defended the genocides from the last dictatorship government back the 70´s seeking to exculpate them from prison by comparing their crimes against humanity with the rights that correspond to common crimes. Something completely recessive in the matter of human rights.

<sub>[Source]( President of The Supreme Court of Argentina Ricardo Lorenzetti</sub>


&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;The new judge, in 2000, founded the ADC (Association for the Defense of Competition) a ghost organ (without real activity) that was used as a supposed non-profit organization that intervened in the trials in favor of Clarin, this big monster of media (but not news).

&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Now that after this brief summary, we know what this lawyer is dedicated to. To cheat the law, to twist, bend and manipulate the different legal mechanisms to get whatever his masters order him.

&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Mauricio Macri, that president of whom many are ashamed. Today he received an award in the United States for his "tireless work" for his country. In the eyes of any Argentine who knows history, it's like receiving the prize "the employee of the month" or paraphrasing Arturo Jauretche: It's bad the gringo who buys us but worse is the criollo who sells us. Not even counting on those LONG vacations that the president takes. He isn't famous for being a hard worker.

&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Choosing a judge is a complicated decision that must be based on technical capabilities but also on the trajectory. Placing a judge corrupt and based on favors, especially in such a delicate position and with so much power is pernicious so that the judicial system can be a fair system. Today the judges hide in the name of the law to carry out criminal acts. Their bosses are not the state, their dream is not justice, they live for power and greed. How to trust a system when the one who judges is less than a worm?


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