POOLZ: Decentralized Layer-3 swapping protocol with inter-chain operability that gives project owners, investors and liquidity providers a headstart and benefit from the DEFI infrastructure in a decentralized way. by frankydoodle

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POOLZ: Decentralized Layer-3 swapping protocol with inter-chain operability that gives project owners, investors and liquidity providers a headstart and benefit from the DEFI infrastructure in a decentralized way.

Good day everyone! here we are again for another day of discussing a project that I have read and researched called POOLZ. If you remember, the DEFI craze has been on a bull run even right now even it seems the ETH is not that congested. I am telling you that this 4th quarter, once everything goes back to normal in a gradual situation, more people will be able to hold meetings about their projects and the flow of capital will go back.

Alright, going back to the project that we'll be discussing, let me tell you the different capabilities, features, advantages, and the vision-mission wherein the POOLZ team seems to have a 'foresight' of what will happen in the coming months and years in the DEFI space. 

Note: All images are credited to the owners of the images which is https://poolzdefi.com/ and its subsidiaries.


# What is Poolz?

---> After I read their litepaper and looking on their website, I saw that the Poolz DEFI platform is a pioneer in the DEFI space wherein the main product of the project is to create early-stage liquidity bootstrapping of a project from a project owner. Basically, when you go to Poolz as a project owner, you will be able to create your own 'pool' if you are wanting to raise funds for the project and show its legitimacy with investors and liquidity providers. Speaking of investors and early liquidity providers, if they will be wanting to provide liquidity to the project pool of their choice, they may have what we call as early-liquidity provider incentives or have a higher yield than those who will come late to support the project. 


This is where what we call 'Bootstrapping liquidity' means. It just means that you can raise funds early and have your tokens the liquidity it needs before it gets into other exchanges and other trading platforms. Aside from the fact that your project pool as a pool creator gets noticed in the early stages, it makes the distribution of the tokens quicker as well for the investors and liquidity providers that support you. We will talk more in-depth about that later.


# Features of POOLZ

## 1. Cross-chain swaps


---> If this is the first time you heard about Cross-chain swaps, then let me discuss it. If you are not new into crypto, you should know that blockchains do have different blockchains based on its hashing algorithm and how it is being mined or being minted globally by its miners, validators, stakers, etc. Hence, most of these coins have their own blockchain wherein the transactions are being mined and validated. That is the current problem of most blockchains. They can only validate transactions where it is being made in their own blockchains. To compare it with humans, these machine languages are also like the different languages being spoken worldwide. So, if you do not know a certain language being used in a country, chances are you won't understand any word in that country as well. Same as blockchains. 

But with Poolz, they are integrating the cross-chain functionality. Meaning from one blockchain to another blockchain, you can swap tokens instantaneously because Poolz acts like a 'translator' for one bridge of the blockchain to another bridge of another blockchain. Giving us the interoperability we need!

## 2. Poolz token burning mechanism

---> I know most readers of my blog know what burning means. It is the constant buy-back mechanism of the protocol of the project wherein the fees are set aside for a buy-back of their own project token to be burned forever and have the supply lesser and lesser. Making the price appreciate as time goes by for POOLZ (POZ) token holders. For a fact, I read the Poolz buy-back plan is 16.66% daily of their earnings will be spent until 20% of the total supply of the POOLZ tokens will be burnt.

## 3. Poolz Governance


---> When we say Governance of the blockchain protocol or a platform like Poolz, you are going to be directly involved with the improvement proposals within the Poolz ecosystem. You can propose, vote, decline to vote, vote yes or no to a particular proposal. This is done through the use of POZ tokens as the voting rights for the proposals. The more POZ tokens you own, the more voting power and your voice will be more heard in the decentralized space of Poolz. The power to change everything lies in you! If you wanted to change something in the burning mechanics, and all other things, it will go through this step of Poolz Governance.

## 4. Poolz bridge

---> This is what we call the 'skeletal' bridge of one blockchain into another where Poolz platform will be the bridge to it. 
We are in the era of cross-chain DEX platforms and it is no different from Poolz software architectural design. With Poolz bridges, you can peg one coin to another coin and have interoperability in the liquidity providers and pool creators. No more jumping from one blockchain going to a centralized exchange and then trade it for the coin that can be supplied to another blockchain. Poolz eliminates that. Now that is DEFI in the best sense! 

It is important for you to know that as of now, in the MVP phase, Poolz can only support ETH chain for now as well as its  ERC-20 tokens. By the near future, ERC-721 will be able to be supported and other blockchains. So yes, NFTs that we love will be live in the near future! Metamask is also the wallet that is being supported as of this moment. 



## 1. Direct Sale Pools (OTC Deals)
-->  This goes in reference to the pool creator's choice of deals for the early liquidity bootstrapping distribution of tokens from their project in exchange for liquidity providers tradeable tokens to have their tokens have an early boost of value. This can be used by the projects to give early access to their tokens to those who provide liquidity without shelling out the underlying intrinsic value in the fiat of their tokens. Mostly these are being used for those projects that hit their soft cap and hardcap and ready to deploy it to some exchanges for live trading.

## 2. Time-locked Pools
--->  This the other way of distributing the tokens from the pools to the investors and liquidity providers. Basically, when we say time-locked, there is a specific amount of time before the tokens are released to the investors and liquidity providers of the token in the pool. Sometimes being called as 'vesting'. The period of each unlocking could be weeks, months, or years. Depends on the pool creators' set parameters for the token distribution. This can be seen as a 'protection' against manipulation and dumping of the value of the token. 

## 3. Multiple Swapping Pairs

---> Because of the cross-chain integration in the coming near future, there will be multiple swapping pairs for the pool creators wanting to have liquidity and the pairs available for the liquidity provider. Therefore, Poolz will be your one-stop DeFi hub for looking for profitable projects to provide liquidity into. Because it is having bridges with different blockchains, you are assured that you can set your swaps to the layer-3 technology of Poolz.

## 4. NFT (Non-fungible Token) Auction

---> Not only you could swap and look for projects needing liquidity. The Poolz platform also plans to host the auctions for NFTs! I myself is a collector of NFTs. I do collect those because I know that digital art and other digital rare collectibles will be the market of the next generation. No expiry, no physical defects, pure digital and rare! 


# The POZ Token

---> The POZ token can have different use-cases as discussed above. Aside from that, they do have access to exclusive pools and access to better swap ratios. That is the benefit of being a holder of POZ tokens! You can also be given swapping rewards if you are a liquidity provider of POZ as a priority with the highest APY alongside other cryptocurrencies. 

Now, these are the Tokenomics of POOLZ token:



The coding of the POOLZ platform and its token is encrypted by the Fully Homomorphic Encryption from the Umbral Poolz. This is quite amusing at the same time feel secured when you are holding a legitimate project token like POOLZ. 



Thank you so much guys for reading my review and article about Poolz. I want to say that with Initial DEFI offerings and Initial Liquidity offerings to come, Poolz will be the one to make this a reality and give the investors hope and bright future for this industry. Actually, this is also the first one wherein they are giving access to create liquidity for a project. Because most projects nowadays do list on exchanges but have no liquidity. That is non-sense! Poolz solves that problem. Brilliantly amazing!

If you want to know more about Poolz, you may go to their website, read the Litepaper and social media channels below:

Website: https://poolzdefi.com/

Litepaper: https://docs.poolzdefi.com/whitepaper/litepaper

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Poolz__

Medium: https://poolz.medium.com/

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/RgPjgUY

Telegram: https://t.me/PoolzOfficialCommunity

Github: https://github.com/The-Poolz

About the author: 

Proof of authentication: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5280470.msg55332831#msg55332831

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