Problems With Do-Gooder Self-Improvement Types Makes Society Weak by aoliver

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Problems With Do-Gooder Self-Improvement Types Makes Society Weak
Many people have problems with helping other, less fortunate folks, and that's a real shame. I always thought of that as being a problem with capitalism. I also always thought of it as a problem with educated consumers. It seems that educated consumers in America are the backbone of our society. Without them there wouldn't be any free enterprise, no consumer protection, no tax base, and certainly no market to sell products to.


So, it's a shame when those types of people who are supposedly so concerned about the poor and downtrend of humanity get on all moralistic about telling us how we should live. But, isn't that a bit odd? It almost sounds as if they're trying to shape us and our thinking rather than make us think. And I'm not sure they're doing a very good job of it. And, civilization as a whole needs these people to help keep the wheels of the free market a go, since without the people who push them we wouldn't have money coming into this country.

Of course, many Americans feel that way too. A recent poll showed that 35% of the American population believes that their government doesn't care about the poor and downtrend of society at all. That's a pretty big problem, when you stop to think about it. If that percentage was only slightly higher than other American's, that would be one bad apple spoiling a whole bunch of apples. It's a bigger problem than that though.


The problem is when you have a lot of people who think like that, or worse, actually believe that their government doesn't care, it has a corrosive effect on the free market. It helps keep out the people who are really the solution to society's problems and makes room for those who only see the problem and blame everything else. In short, a lot of very unproductive people. Worse, it actually creates a problem for the rest of the system, since it is difficult for the government to regulate them all.

So, in conclusion, it seems to me, that the problems with do-gooder self-improvement types are not with what they say, but rather with how they say it. It is an ideology, pure and simple. And I think there is nothing wrong with that, as long as it doesn't cause more problems for our society. Indeed, I hope you will please consider all this.
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