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Hey @lucylin :D <3

How great to see you here. Thank you so much for taking the time to write your views on this topic. Black & white, maybe. Simplistic? No, not at all. Plus, you do understand me:

<blockquote>you're seeing it from the psychological perspective and possible treatments?</blockquote>


My hope was to enlighten the general public about this phenomena from a neuropsychological perspective. The phenomenon itself. Not the *offense* driven by it. 

You've raised so many points I could go into. However, I'm going to limit myself to the one ones I consider more striking. 

<blockquote>If 'impulse control' is the issue, (thinking and acting are not the same thing) it only highlights the need to see it from a socially OSTRACIZED, and punished perspective, not of an 'understanding' one.</blockquote>

Yep, impulsive behaviour is precisely the issue here. An impulse that strips those consumed by it from any sense of morality and empathy. It's awful! Ostracism and punishment as a solution? Well, this is already the case for offenders. Yet, the number of children being sexual assaulted is not going down. Or, is it? I don't know, research in this area is not only thin, but also encompasses a mix and match of peadophilic individuals + sexual offenders in general.

<blockquote>I personally do not think that 'treatment' is valid.</blockquote>

You're not mistaken here. The little material we have on this demonstrates that recidivism of this crime is frustratingly high :( Whereas it's because there lacks therapeutic treatment that focus on this specific disorder, or it's because the social isolation these individuals have to endure afterwards give them a sense of 'I have nothing to lose anymore' (most of them are even abandoned by their family members), we don't know.

It's such a tricky one! Gosh. 

Either way. As always, your views are very much appreciated :D

I have been away too. You know this time of the year is very busy for me.

So glad to hear things continue to be peachy for you. I'll sure visit your blog to have a look :) Everything is fine over here, including Mr. D. Thank you so much for asking! :)

All the best for you, Lucy, Sophie and the rest of the family.
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