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RE: Go, go, Losers! World Cup, Personality, and Success by erh.germany

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Thank you for your careful response. 

Yes, that's right, I am a child of systemics. It's an unusual way of seeing things & I got much fascinated about what I learned from the role models of history in this field. Also, I had excellent teachers and more than once they managed to give the class insights with their unusual way of practicing. There are a lot of parallels to Buddhism and their way of education. 

> I hope you are right. Although I think that power, politics and the desire to rule attract certain people with certain qualities that are close to the "narcissistic personality" described by Freud. If they are rational enough, they would do good. Otherwise, anyone who is different is expelled by the system - i.g. killed by assassins in the past, or discredited in our time.
I hope I am wrong.

I hope that, too. I don't know if the figures from politics tend to have narcissistic character traits. It seems that they are in a majority but then you don't hear from people who are not because they don't seek the camera. Media is really damaging and narrows how people receive news and facts. Media creates what people think of people. 

So true. It's really hard to change and not wanting to be everyones darling.
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