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It’s Beer O’clock! Beer Review: Classic Guinness Stout! by quinneaker

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It’s Beer O’clock! Beer Review: Classic Guinness Stout!

I like Guinness and always have. I generally only promote local craft brew, however this is a classic great.
Although they are not really a craft beer anymore and are quite corporate they are a craft local beer start which is always better as it’s far more sustainable and also supports real families and community instead of mega corps. 


I have actually been to the very first original Guinness brewery in Ireland and it really is a fantastic experience.


Guinness completely changed the world in relationship to beer!

They were a small beer once upon a time and made a big name, a real success story.

If your going to buy beer please always buy local craft brews.


First off I like the can, it’s a change up from the classic look and though is a special collector can I doubt anyone will actually save the can.

After tasting it is exactly as advertised and exactly as I remember. Very smooth and enjoyable. Besides the name what makes Guinness special are the cartridges that go off in the beer making it extra creamy and smooth!

I have always liked Guinness Compared to a lot of the other really cutting edge craft brews being made these days I wouldn’t say this isn’t  to special, but for a standard easy drinking beer it’s solid and enjoyable.

As always please recycle or even better upcycle and remember local is best. 

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