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Green Quote: Peace with the environment is Peace with thyself by thegreens

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Green Quote: Peace with the environment is Peace with thyself
### #GreenQuote of the Week
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# Peace with the environment is peace with thyself
We often say, “a healthy man in an unhealthy environment is unhealthy meanwhile an unhealthy man in a healthy environment is healthy” 
The environment is our life support system and if we make it healthy, it will enable conditions that will make us thrive and be healthy. 
This explains why if we want real and lasting peace, we must make peace with the environment. 
Climate change and other environmental hazards are making life difficult for us. No matter how rich we are nor how hospitable our communities are nor how peaceful we are with one another, it’s very important that we make peace with the environment, if not the environment will continue vomiting its wickedness on us and future generations. 
Science and most religions have called for urgent action to make peace with the environment and the time to act is **NOW**. We need everyone to make a change so that we can bring about the change we seek.
Below are a few things we can do make peace with the environment;
1.	Plant trees
2.	Walk or cycle often
3.	Intelligent use of water, electricity and natural resources e.g. switch off the lights when you are not using a room, brush your teeth with water in a cup as opposed to leaving the sink tap flow down into the drains while you brush
4.	Local production and consumption
5.	Organic farming
6.	Eat less meat
7.	Educate yourself and other people about climate change and other environmental challenges
8.	Buy durable and sustainably manufactured products
9.	Compost your waste
10.	Organize community clean-up activities
### What are some of the things you do that are contributing to make peace with the environment?
# #Call2Action
The Greens is a grassroots environmental organization that strives to educate, inspire and engage young people to take action to combat climate change and be at the forefront of biodiversity conservation and waste management. 

Founded in 2010, @thegreens have been able to use arts, sports, media and ICT to educate and engage more than 10,000 young people in Green Poetry, Green Music, Green Arts, Green Radio, and Conservation Champions League.

Her tree planting programs have seen the organization create 04 Community Tree Nurseries, planted more than 300,000 trees and together with @kedjom-keku we have acquired 1000 hectares of afromontane forest in Kedjom-Keku Village of the Bamenda Highlands of the North West Region of Cameroon for the creation and conservation of Kedjom-Keku Community Forest 

@thegreens is currently engaged in Waste Management (Waste Business Hub); Plastic Waste Upcycling, Tire Upcycling and Textile Waste Recycling via @ecodesigns. 
Her #EndPlasticPollution Campaign has seen the organization sensitize more than 100,000 people about plastic pollution, upcycled more than 10,000 plastic bottles to create UPB Vertical Gardens, UPB Tree Nursery Pots, etc.

Her Textile Recycling Project (@ecodesigns) is currently training 13 young girls for free in textile recycling and fashion designing and has recycled more than 5000 pounds of textile waste.

Her Tire Upcycling Project is educating and engaging young people in schools and communities to #StopBurningTires and upcycle them to create **Mushroom Tire Seats**, **Tire Flower Pots**, etc

Support us to continue to educate, inspire and engage young people to take action to combat climate change and be at the forefront of biodiversity conservation and waste management.
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