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Facts About Dogs | 0.79

 ## A one year old dog is as physically mature as a 15 year old human.
 A fellow dog lover will always care for his/her dog. Follow @liwaywaylife for more dog facts.
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Mankind's Greatest Legacy: Keepers Of The Chickens
I have always been amazed by the collective gall of humans as a species. Even as a kid, whenever we would drive through a mountainous area, I would notice the vertical grooves on the rock walls left by the drills that were used to carve the roadway straight through the middle of the mountain. Think about that for a second: people decided they wanted a road there, so they **blew the side of a mountain off** to make it happen. 

Another example of mankind's audacity can be seen in the chicken. Modern domesticated chickens (*Gallus gallus domesticus*) come in a seemingly infinite number of varieties, each bred for different uses and characteristics. Some were selectively bred for meat production. Not only do these chickens grow to be very large, but they get there *very* quickly and with a minimum input of food.

<center>![6354331371_e8bc56a857_z.jpg](<h6>[Image Credit](
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Monkey in a Tree
![Monkey in a tree .jpg](

This is Monkey her mom says she climbs on everything, So I made her this portrait. 


<sub> Image powered by @enginewitty </sub> 

<center>[![teamgoodbanner2.png](](<br>Delegate to our project via [SteemConnect](<br>[10 SP]( | [20 SP]( | [50 SP](
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Confused squirrel, confused seasons

Squirrel in the newly sprouting grass.  Rainy season has begun in California.  Hills are green under the dead, brown vegetation.  Soon the green will overtake the brown and we will get the lovely green hills again.  Our hillside are green from December to about April then the "Golden State" turns golden or brown for the summer and fall when the rains stop. 
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Photo Fun Contest - Week 33 – “Dog Photography"
Hello steemians here is a photo that I want to share with you:

<center><i>Source Images: Sent from my Phone</i></center>

This is my entry for the Photo Fun Contest - Week 33 – “Dog Photography", run from @claudiaz.

For the rules  [check here](

<i><b><center>I appreciate your upvotes and support 👍 </center></b></i>
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I Cat Do It Too
<center><a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""></a></center><hr><center><p><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt=""></a> | <a href="" title="">In meme we trust</a></p></center>
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Donation for people en animals
the days are getting shorter.
the days are getting colder.
But not everyone has a roof over his head.
That's why I ask a small donation to help people like animals in these cold and dark days

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A cat who looks like a lion

It was very hot for our friend`s cat in summer and that is why she decided to make him a new haircut. When it is winter, the cat has long hair but in summer he looks like a real lion.)
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catire el gato. Un relato de Virgilio, el poeta de la 106 de Calicanto
Catire el gato, anda bravo por el regaño que le dimos, un día llego con una herida en la oreja al pelearse con otros gatos por las gatas. Hoy tampoco ha llegado, hoy estuvimos hablando de internarlo en un correccional de varones. Es que estos muchachos de ahora, a uno le hacen la vida imposible. No jodas tanto catire.-

Poemas de Virgilio León.

Dic.12 del 2.018.-

PD:  por fin  llego  Catire  luego  de  varios días fuera  de casa.  Llego  bien coñaseado.  Carmen mi mujer se esmera en curarle sus heridas.   No jodas tanto catire

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totally precious
<center><a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""></a></center><hr><center><p><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt=""></a> | <a href="" title="">In meme we trust</a></p></center>
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Kanye West has a plan to "transform zoos" similar to my plan to combine steem and San Diego Zoo to give every species of animal a cryptocurrency wallet.

Above is a list of goals in Kanye West's Diary he showed President Donald Trump recently and at the very bottom of this list, one of his goals is "Transform Zoos" and with steem in mind I have been thinking of giving each animal or even animal species a steem account with daily updates made by zookeepers and even automated webcams with any steem post rewards going to help build new projects for the animal AND to help market steem to animal lovers.  With steem we can give the animals their own steem wallets... animals owning money... and with eos we will give animals property rights and create enclosures where animals can live next to humans in massive urban residential parks... so we build a test enclosure with full time residential living spaces people can rent or even buy like condos and then have gorillas and other animals living spaces built right up to these buildings, and bird aviaries and access to an
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Cats Are Very Clean Animals
<center><a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""></a></center><hr><center><p><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt=""></a> | <a href="" title="">In meme we trust</a></p></center>
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[EN/中文]DailyPetPhotography submissions | "每天寵物攝影" 圖片 Day 343
【dPet wants to acknowledge the hardwork going into the chosen photos in DailyPetPhotograhy! Could you give me a hand? Just click on the chosen photo(s), give any of them some comments or an upvote! dPet is so thankful for your support, together you and us will give rapport to pet owners and enthusiasts. Together, @dPet we are closely bonded to each other!】

【dPet 想給予每天被挑選中的照片更多的鼓勵! 你能幫dPet 一下嗎? 只需要點擊被選中的照片,給他們一個評論或點贊! dPet 很高興有些參加者已經在進行這個行動,它會創造出所有寵物愛好者互動的巨大力量!】


【Here is a dog contest started by @supernovastaffy! You also can use this tag #dogsofsteemit!】

【這裡也有也一個由@supernovastaffy舉辦的狗狗的比賽,你同樣也可以使用 #dogsofsteemit這個標籤!】


We read all posts ta
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Animal Photography 📷
Here is my entrie for #animalphotography Challenge by @juliank.


Hope you like my post!! ☺
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## <center>It's time for the cow to come home.</center>
Some time ago, we were able to trade three little pigs for a young Dexter heifer. No, we did not trade the three little pigs to the big bad wolf; it was someone else who wanted the little piggies. Anyway, the deal was too good to pass on, and **[you can read more about it here.](**

There is a much longer story to everything going on with this situation, and I'm currently working on a video project to cover it better. At the moment we are slowing working on becoming friends with our cow and moving her down to our land. Unfortunately, she's been running in some wide open pastures her whole life pretty much and hasn't had much human contact, so she's not exactly friendly.

We've got her in a small pen for the time being, and I'm trying to build a bond. Below 
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Funny Caterpillar 🐛, Silent Leaves Eating Machine
>> *It looks funny and cute, dropped silently at the plants. Otherwise, they can damage your plants if you ignore them staying happily at the plants. Slowly but sure, they will eat the leaves and make the plants damaged.*

> *I found this cute caterpillar at my little garden this morning, there were two caterpillars dropped at a plant. They were eating the leaves silently when I found them. Its color is green in dominant, some black strips and white dotted at its body.* 

>> Huawei Nova2i was used 
Thanks for visiting my blog 

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Weather decided to add me work ...

Fear your desires, for they come true ... A few days ago I said how I want it to snow at Christmas and New Year. Nature decided not to wait ... Waking up this morning, I saw that everything around was covered with a thick layer of snow ...


Of course, I immediately wondered how our birds feel. Everything was fine, but the feeders and bowls of water were lost under the snow. In addition, I had to take a shovel and clean the snow around the entrance to each enclosure. It could not be left as it is, because weather forecasters warned that there would be frost. If the snow near the door freezes, I will not be able to go to the enclosures to feed the birds and add fresh water to them.


In some
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Wildlife of Yucatan: identify this creature and win SBI (updated - we have a winner already)
**Hi there my Steemit friends and followers!**

I wanted to show you two photos of a very unexpected (and honestly quite unwelcome :D) guest we just had in our Mexican apartment but when I tried to google out the exact species of this curious creature for you, I was surprised how difficult it actually was so I figured it could make for a nice little contest today. 

As you can see in the photos below, our bold fella was a scorpion but I want you to identify the exact species :) Whoever will be the first person to come up with the correct answer in the comments below, will win 2 SBI shares from me. Ready? There you go...



[//]:# (!steemitworldmap 21.319832 lat -89.261254 long Wildlife of Yucatan: identify this creature and win SBI d3scr)

The only hint I can give you is the location - we are currently based
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FOX News. Wildlife on the shore.
### <center> A surprise on the shore. </center>
<center> Two Sea eagles at the same time was more than expected. Yesterday I put out my wildlife camera and some pieces of fish on the shore. Different birds on the feeding place by day. In the night an Otter and a Fox was on the site. It is fun to se was the camera can catch during a couple of days. The pictures was not so good in bad light. </center>

####   <center> Guests by day. </center>
####  <center> Sea  eagles, Magpies, Crows and Ravens. </center>



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Virry - Fun Educational App for Kids About Wildlife & Nature with VR
# Virry
Fun Educational App for Kids About Wildlife & Nature with VR

## Screenshots
<center><img alt="ezgif-1-f706e31d7637-min.mp4" src=""/></center>

## Hunter's comment

Virry is without a doubt one of the coolest educational apps I've ever seen and it's that this app will allow us to teach our little ones many details about animals and their behavior in nature through interactive content with which they can have a lot of fun. One of the highlights of this app is that it has mobile support for VR where we can get into real time videos of certain animals allowing us to live and experience first hand the behavior of animals.

## Link

## Contributors
Hunter: @ideas-abstractas

This is posted on Steemhunt - A place where you can dig products and earn 
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