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Arbiswap BTC-KICK Arbitrage Deal Alert!
  <p>We're detecting a possible noteworthy  arbitrage deal, please care to check both the Buy and Sell exchange pages and make sure that there is enough volume for you to turn profit, Also verify that the source and destination wallets are online. Happy trading!</p>
  <div class='row exchange-banner' style='font-weight: 400'>
  <div class='col-sm-2 col-xs-12' style='width:100px;float:left'>
  <div style='float: top'>
        <img src='' alt='BTC-KICK' style='float: top;width:100%'><br/>
    </div><div style='margin-top: 5px;text-align: center;'>BTC-KICK </div>
  <div class='col-sm-4 col-xs-12' style='width:30%;float:left;min-width: 250px'>
  <h1>Buying info</h1>
  <h5>Buy Price:<a target='_blank' rel='nofollow' href=''> 0.00000134</a></h5>
  <h5>Volume: 79774.57600000</h5>
  <div class='col-sm-4 col-xs-12' style='width:30%;float:left;min-width: 250px'>
  <h1>Selling info</h1>
  <h5>Exchange: HitBTC</h5>
  <h5>Ask Price:<a target='_blank' rel='nofollow' href=''> 0.00000140 </a></h5>
  <h5>Volume: 21400.00000000</h5>
  <div class='col-sm-2 col-xs-12' style='width:15%;float:left;min-width: 150px'>
  <div class=' col-xs-12' style='width:100%;float:left'>
  For More Deals or to unsubscribe from notifications, <a href=''>please visit Arbiswap</a>.
  <div style='color:#8E9DAE;width:100%;float:left'>
  <h2>Disclaimer regarding investment decisions and trading</h2>
Decisions to buy, sell, hold or trade in currencies, securities, commodities and other investments involve risk and are best made based on the advice of qualified financial professionals. Any trading in securities or other investments involves a risk of substantial losses. The practice of “Day Trading” involves particularly high risks and can cause you to lose substantial sums of money. Before undertaking any trading program, you should consult a qualified financial professional. Please consider carefully whether such trading is suitable for you in light of your financial condition and ability to bear financial risks. Under no circumstances shall we be liable for any loss or damage you or anyone else incurs as a result of any security, currency, trading or investment activity that you or anyone else engages in based on any information or material you receive through Arbiswap or our Services.
  <div class='col-xs-12'>Alerts on this page are delayed by 3 hours, to get live deal notification, subscribe to Arbiswap.</div> <br /><center><hr/><em>Posted from my blog with <a href=''>SteemPress</a> : </em><hr/></center>
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ShareMeAll Cryptocurrency ICO

#### About ShareMeAll
ShareMeAll Marketplace and eSwitch Tokens are an alternative community project for the exchange and sharing not only of skills, but also of objects, all or part of their home, their car, ect. It will allow everyone to share and use all that can imagine, today possible to be exchanged or shared. In return, users of ShareMeAll will receive eSwitch that will allow them to take advantage of services, objects, accommodations, etc. offered by other members around the world. 

Easy Free wishes to open a space for these exchanges. A marketplace where users will be able to exchange and share services, objects and why not their home. The principle that we will introduce you below, is very simple and based on a practice as old as the world, the barter, and a cryptocurrency, the eSwitch®. eSwitch® will be the cryptocurrency of a new exchange of goods and services system in which the human being will be the center and the catalyst will be the universal values such as emancipation, goodwill and safety. 

eSwitch will be the cryptocurrency of a new system of exchange and sharing of goods and services in which humans and these universal values will be the center. ShareMeAll Marketplace and eSwitch Tokens are an alternative community project for the exchange and sharing not only of skills, but also of objects, all or part of their home, their car, ect. It will allow everyone to share and use all that can imagine, today possible to be exchanged or shared. In return, users of ShareMeAll will receive eSwitch that will allow them to take advantage of services, objects, accommodations, etc. offered by other members around the world.

ESwitch will be new and the system and the goods, with users and the same price will be in a Middle.  ShareMeAll Marketplace and eSwitch Tokens is an alternative community and not only skills, but also about objects, one or user, Cars, etc. eSwitch is token, based on Ethereum block chain technology. This is an entry for new market. Users with eSwitch can exchange to retrieve goods, services or accommodation in the market.

#### VIDEO
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

New of evolution for future about innovation on quality ecosystem to make as well on cryptocurrency with good services for all client to make comfortable for contribute on this platform, and bring the future of quality of product to make as well and growing of value in future , and then we can build of ecosystem on marketplace to make as well for make more interaction, transaction so this make all client comfortable for contribute on this platform , and then we can easy for give the best of services quality for all user for contribute on this platform , and then we can give the best of skill for contribute about of part on home , control of car and than more than . with the best of skill we make a give the best of services.
ShareMeAll is solution on building of marketplace to make as well and building of the quality on system marketplace as well , with increase of innovation ShareMeAll give the best of solution to all community to growing of your project to make as well and make more interaction and transaction as well on this platform , implementation with the best of technology so this is make quality for performance of ShareMeAll as well , on there we can provides of skill with the project , or on quality of home , on car control , i think this is make a growing of community contribute on this platform.
ShareMeAll make a growing of all client for make innovation , and then on there all user getting a new experience for contribute on this platform , and receive eSwitch for take interaction transaction , and for getting more offering on this platform .
Implementation of tech quality make condition of platform to make as well and then establish for all interaction as well for use the best of technology , with blockchain tehnology we can provides of quality on decentralized network to make as well and growing of quality on good services and accomodation on thi platform . 

advantages of ShareMeAll , we can growing of quality on a business to make as well , growing of community to make more interaction transaction as well , make a growing of services , objects , analyzed as well in future, i think demand in future will be growing .

Feauture of ShareMeAll , feauture of this platform as well about on manage , ecosystem , and infrastructure and then ecosystem of this platform as well because on there implementation with the best of technology with blockchain tech make establish for all interaction transaction , and then on there high secure for control of ecosystem and privacy of client , support for services as well on this platform .

eSwitch will be the cryptocurrency of a new system of exchange and sharing of goods and services in which humans and these universal values will be the center.
<p><div class="text-center"></div></p>


#### ICO ShareMeAll
* Token name eSwitch 
* Preico price 0.5 EUR
* Price ICO 0.8 EUR
* Platform Etherum 
* Softcap 2 Million EUR
* Hardcap 7,5 Million EUR
* Preico January 15 ,2019 - March 14 , 2019
* ICO March 15 , 2019 -  May 15 , 2019

5% Stock
5% Bounty / Advisors
5% Easy Free Team
25% Pré-ICO / ICO
60% For users


Website         :
Whitepaper     :
Ann Tread       :
Bounty Tread   :
Telegram          :
Telegram            :
Facebook           :
Twitter                :
Linkedin             :
Youtobe             :

Profile link:;u=2430923
Eth: 0xC90c77A171EB8a4d38964405D38142D8Ed5a1092
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Crypto news in a nutshell
<sub>[Image Source](</sub>

  <li>&nbsp;Cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia hacked, Binance freezes funds <br>
  <li>&nbsp;Brave web browser is going to pay users in cryptocurrency to watch advertisements <br>
  <li>Ethereum hard fork Constantinople postponed because of security problem <br>
  <li>&nbsp;Russian crypto Ruble on the market within two or three years, says government official<br>
  <li>&nbsp;&nbsp;China is putting pressure on blockchain industry, censoring data on blockchain <br>
  <li>&nbsp;Older brother of Pablo Escobar launches ICO with the aim to have Trump impeached <br>
  <li>&nbsp;SEC has cryptocurrency high on its list of priorities for 2019 <br>
  <li>&nbsp;New York City opens its own blockchain education centre; IBM and Microsoft have joined<br>
  <li>&nbsp;&nbsp;Mining hardware manufacturer Bitmain appoints new CEO <br>
  <li>&nbsp;DX.Exchange leaks sensitive data&nbsp;</li>
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'I hope no hope, but i work to know...![steem-logo.png](
· @alexandersteemit ·

Statistics dApps for 2018: Ethereum - the first in the number of users; EOS performs the most transactions; TRON - the fastest growing project

R3 Blockchain Consortium has launched its own platform Corda, which will be led by the non-profit organization Corda Network Foundation

BitGo's custodial service and Genesis Global Trading over-the-counter trading platform announced a partnership to create a Wall Street-based crypto trading service

In 2018, BitPay billing crypto service processed transactions for $ 1 billion.

WordPress will develop a new platform Newspack for small and medium news resources, which will have a set of built-in blockchain tools.

Thailand Stock Exchange plans to obtain a license to trade in cryptocurrencies

Ethereum-developer and one of the main creators of the Casper protocol, Vlad Zamfir, will cooperate with the startup Casper Labs, which is developing a separate blockchain for this protocol. But Vlad doesn't leave Ethereum, just a side job ...

Bitcoin flies into space: Blockstream presented a beta version of the API for its Satellite project, through which you can send bitcoins via satellite to anywhere in the world
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Together, Let's Get Steem and SBD A USD Pair On Bittrex.
 I would like to invite all of you to support #STEEM to connect and pair up with USD in bittrex. Your task is very easy, just by commenting on #STEEM under comments from the official bittrex post on Twitter.

Getting more USD (Fiat) pairings with STEEM is tremendous since, well, I'd love to purchase my STEEMs specifically, but on the other hand it's a decent method to get more n00bs into STEEM and crypto when all is said in done.


we have to do this time is let's together support that STEEM can be immediately registered as a USD pair at Bittrex. By replying to official posts from bittrex on Twitter directly.

click this link:

I call on @menoski @tfame3865 @otemzi @illuminatus @pearlumie. Let's do this for steem.
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· @jerjanjo ·
Why the Huawei Scandal Will Reignite the US-China Trade War
                  <center><h1> [View on Parley]( </h1></center>
                  <h1>What is Parley?</h1>
                  Parley is a Steem-based Reddit competitor that allows users to submit links and curate news they find around the web in order to promote discussion on the Steem platform. [Read more](
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UPS Unveils Equity Investment and Partnership With Blockchain B2B Firm Inxeption
#### [UPS Unveils Equity Investment and Partnership With Blockchain B2B Firm Inxeption](
> "Following investment deal, UPS and Inxeption promise to work on new blockchain features"

<sub>*Read more: [](*</sub>


## More news sources

#### [Bitfury to Launch Blockchain-Based Music Business](
> The Bitfury Group, a fintech giant that develops blockchain technology for clients and sells mining gear, has recently announced the launch of a blockchain-based music and entertainment division that’s set to be secured by the bitcoin blockchain.

<sub>*Read more: [](*</sub>


#### [Mimblewimble Has Now Released Two Projects - But What Is It?](
> Privacy coin Grin is now released on its mainnet, and Beam launched recently. Both are implementations of a radical new style of blockchain, that is more private, more p2p, and without some of the basic features of a blockchain that we know. What is it?

<sub>*Read more: [](*</sub>


## Other hot crypto news today
- [Thailand’s Official Stock Exchange is Applying for a Cryptocurrency License](
- [Binance Freezes ‘Some’ Tokens Stolen From Cryptopia: CEO CZ](
- [Blockchain Tech Firm Blockstream Launches Beta Version of Satellite API for Data Broadcast](
- [Indian Supreme Court Pushes Crypto Case Against RBI to End of February](
- [WWF Launches Blockchain Tool to Track Food Along Supply Chain](
- [Crypto Markets Experience Moderate Growth, Bitcoin Holds Above $3,600](
- [Bitpay Reports Processing Over $1 Billion Transactions in 2018](
- [Thai Cryptocurrency Exchange Determined to Stay Open After SEC Orders Shutdown](
- [Blockchain Supply Chain Platform Nets $16 Million in Series A Investment](

<sub>*Follow me @cryptonized for the latest cryptocurrency news...*</sub></center>
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· @gabril ·
Great support STEEM to pair up with USD in bittrex.
Bittrex has present us with a great opportunity as they made a tweet telling us to give suggestion on a new coin to paired with Usd. Without been told or much thinking, steem has those potentials and i will want us all to come out and support this movement. We have done this before, we can do it again.

In the event that truly, you comprehend what a problem it very well may be. Assuming no, well... Hang tight for it a bit, possibly it should before long be possible effortlessly on Bittrex.

Set up your twitter record and utilize the relationship underneath. Establish a connection and that is all.

I would love my good friends to join the campaign @xawi @mango-juice @rehan12 @jenifer2 @ifeoluwa88 @akomoajong
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· @bitcoinflood ·
Making A Strong Pivot From Paypal To Cryptocurrency

This year many small businesses have gotten slammed by Paypal with accounts shut down without any warning and no clear example of why it was terminated. They are also holding funds of these accounts for 180 days before releasing them. This pretty much paints a clear picture of why we should never go towards a centralized system they become big and get overly greedy and just flat out mean.

This year I have decided to make a strong pivot away from Paypal and instead try and go 100% cryptocurrency by years end. This goes for taking payments and sending out commissions from affiliates as well as getting paid from affiliates in this manner.

The question and goals now will be finding systems that can be put into place to accommodate this. While there are some there still is a bit of a gap but I feel like this is a very real possibility and one that will help further adoption of cryptocurrency. Showing that if I can do it then so can other businesses.


P.S If someone has a payment provider that accepts steem or could create one for others to use that would be epic...



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· @john30 ·
With our collective support, we can get Steem paired with Usd on Bittrex
It would be really interesting to be able to trade STEEM and SBD with USD on Bittrex. To get this done, please let's give our support by simply commenting "STEEM & SBD" on this tweet by Bittrex.
Here we go, it's another chance to let see steem get join with the USD this year. Let turn out in mass to help the steem coin.

From the picture above I surmise you definitely realize where am heading to. Bittrex trade is asking " What USD match would you need to see in 2019?"

It will only take a few seconds, your support is very important, we are a great community that can do great things if we propose it. 
click this link:

Then make a blog in steemit showing your support with bittrex links and your support link, place as first label steemtrex and ready.
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Sharpay development update | 18.1.2019

Dear Friends!

**Sharpay development update: added networks selection, async script option, refined password recovery, fixed locale switch bug and made other UI improvements.**

Continuous development is one of the main tasks our Sharpay team should do, and week by week we develop new significant functions and make improvements for our users! 

Let us share with you some new important updates.

**Added networks selection.** We have added a new “Networks” selection function for webmasters. Now the webmasters can select and reward their preferred social networks which users can share content on. They can target their customers geographically by selecting different social networks, for example, they can select Weibo, Kakao Story and LINE only, if they want to target the Asian market. 

**Added async script option.** When webmasters design their own buttons, they may turn off the async script loading if they want to use Sharpay client side API. 

**Refined password recovery.** When users want to recover their passwords, instead of resetting their passwords by our system, users can enter new passwords by themselves. It becomes more convenient for users and they do not need to go back and forth. 

**Fixed locale switch bug.** We have fixed the bug that happened when the browser’s non-English locale is in incognito bug mode.

**Improved animated button.** We have resized the iframe to avoid overlapping other elements on widget when hovering.

**Improved email template UI and added Chinese translation.** We have improved the email template UI and added Chinese translation especially for our Chinese community. 

We have been developing and improving our Sharpay buttons, try our Sharpay button and experience the new updates!

In Sharing We Trust! Team
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Cryptocurrency 24 Hours Recap

<center><h1>CryptoCurrency recap
<center>CryptoCurrency market cap rankings, posts, and more.</center><center>The following statistics are rendered from the 25 largest cryptocoins.</center>
<h2><center>Market Share</center></h2>
<center><img src=",12,58,18&chs=650x250&chl=Ethereum - ETH (12%)|XRP - XRP (12%)|Bitcoin - BTC (58%)|Other (18%)" /></center>
The chart shows the market share of the 25 largest coins. Coins with a market share less than 5% have been grouped into "Other"
<center><h2>Winners and losers</h2></center>
<h3>Top 5 winners</h3>
Name&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;|Price (USD)|% change(24h)
------------ | ------------- | -------------
[Maker](|462.374401271|  ![](    3.47
[Ethereum Classic](|4.4737526398|  ![](    3.16
[Binance Coin](|6.2631189382|  ![](    2.51
[EOS](|2.5094513043|  ![](    2.37
[Dogecoin](|0.0021418514|  ![](    1.77
<h3>Top 5 losers</h3>
Name&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;|Price (USD)|% change(24h)
------------ | ------------- | -------------
[Litecoin](|31.3347709144|  ![](    -1.63
[Cardano](|0.0443631162|  ![](    -0.8
[Bitcoin SV](|77.4279174884|  ![](    -0.77
[Ethereum](|122.836905415|  ![](    -0.66
[XRP](|0.3284487718|  ![](    -0.57
<h3>Other great coins</h3>
Name&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;|Price (USD)|% change(24h)
------------ | ------------- | -------------
[Steem](|0.3274980508| ![](  8.83
[Bitcoin](|3659.92048574| ![](  0.08


<h2><center>Coin news</center></h2><br/><h3>Bitcoin</h3>
## [Bitcoin Price Volatility Is Down 98% Year-on-Year!](
by **** 
Bitcoin's daily price volatility has plummeted in the last 12 months as the bear market killed off the speculative frenzy....
## [One Year Later, What’s Holding Back SegWit Adoption on Bitcoin?!](
by **** 
SegWit was activated on the bitcoin network over a year ago. But only an estimated 36 percent of all bitcoin transactions are using it. Why?...


<center><h2>Do follow, resteem and upvote</h2></center>
<center>Where do you think the prices of Cryptocurrencies will go?
Comment Down Below :-)</center>
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· @vasyatkin ·
650 XLP TOKEN =0,00090 BTC = 4 $
· @simran9 ·
Let's get STEEM/USD and SBD/USD PAIR on Bittrex Done
Getting more USD (Fiat) pairings with STEEM is tremendous since, well, I'd love to purchase my STEEMs specifically, but on the other hand it's a decent method to get more n00bs into STEEM and crypto when all is said in done.

Here we go, it's another chance to let see steem get join with the USD this year. Let turn out in mass to help the steem coin.

#STEEM in the comments from the official Bittrex team post on their Twitter comments below 
click this link:

I would love my good friends to join the campaign
@merina@taylor10, @ikrahch, @chireerocks,@simran9
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· @the4thmusketeer ·
One Page X
One Page X is a relatively new and easy to use exchange that requires no sign-ups and no accounts in order to use the exchange. One Page X allows you to send Bitcoin or Litecoin in order to receive several tokens such as GVT, LINK, and Theta, to different coins including Neo, XLM, ETH, XVG, and even stable coins such as TrueUSD or Tether.

This is exactly the kind of thing I think we need in crypto if we are going to stop giving a lot of these exchanges our private keys and access to all of our funds. The Cryptopia hack caught a lot of people by surprise, but it really shouldn't have. Dozens of exchanges have been hacked over just the last few years. Even Binance was hacked, but they noticed the hack happening and they were able to stop it in time. 

The main thing here is that unless you day trade you probably shouldn't leave your coins/tokens on the exchanges. Exchanges are big targets for hackers because the funds are usually stored in hot wallets, and therefore they are always kept online. Cold storage funds are usually kept offline until they need to be moved back online. Moving forward we should really only be supporting decentralized exchanges  and exchanges that keep our funds in cold storage. Binance is still a centralized exchange, but they do plan on releasing a decentralized exchange in the near future. 

One Page X also charges reasonable fees according to their website, "OnePageX charges 0.5% along with a small network fee on all transactions. All fees are included in the estimate shown. One Page X also wants to be a turnkey solution for your website where you can simply copy the code into your template. OneBox is what they are calling this widget on their website and it is also mobile and desktop friendly. 

OnePageX also has an account here on Steem, and they are currently running a free upvote bot just because they don't want to put their SP to waste right now.  Also, if you're wondering how you can use their service since they only allow you to deposit LTC or Bitcoin right now, you can first convert your Steem to Bitcoin or Litecoin using BlockTrades and deposit your funds onto their exchange. 

I haven't used OnePageX's exchange yet, but I probably will at some point. I've had good experiences with the exchanges I've used overall, but if some of the exchanges I use like Binance or Kucoin went down temporarily it would be great to still have an exchange to trade like OnePageX. 

You can contact them here on Steemit:

Or on Telegram:
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· @dashforcenews ·
Dash Community Advertisement Generates Venezuelan Merchant and Consumer Interest
<center></center> <br/>A new advertising <a href="">campaign</a> in Venezuela is starting to see tangible results not too long after the initial launch.

The campaign was launched by EdwarV/RedProductiva after receiving funding from Dash Boost for 25 Dash to place digital and static Dash billboards around Mérida Venezuela, radio spots, and host events to help convert advertising leads. <div class="pull-right"><img class="size-medium wp-image-37637 alignright" src="" alt="" width="169" height="300" /></div><br/>The creator recently issued their own <a href="">report</a> summarizing their initial milestones and metrics. So far they have been able to put up 1 static billboard, 5 digital ones, and add two radio ad spots. While EdwarV does not have the exact number of viewers and listeners, he knows they were seen and heard by the high traffic that passes through these areas of Mérida.

He is currently working on a website to serve as a landing page for all the interested parties. He also plans to host various events to convert the interest party into actually using Dash as an everyday currency.

<strong>Utilizing advertising to generate real interest</strong>

Dash sometimes gets a bad reputation within the cryptocurrency community since the network is able to pay for its own promotional activities. However, the wider cryptocurrency industry does not appear to have problems with most other forms of cryptocurrency advertising, even though much of it is for scam-like ICOs and caused platform such as Facebook or Google to initiate bans.

So far EdwarV's advertising campaign has generated three leads of companies that approached him with an interest in Dash and would potentially begin to integrate Dash.
<blockquote>1.- Cooperativa Colimir: Group of Coffee Producers organized within an amount of 45 active members within the Organization waiting for training on the subject of Reception, Payment and Exchange of Dash as a means of Payment.

2.- El Mercadito: Organization of Entrepreneurs (Freelancer) and Entrepreneurs requiring training in the DASH theme. Its members reach about 65 participants.

3.- Mérida Gastronomica: Initiative represented by Restaurant Owners of the Merida zone, where through transfers they make visits with certain quantities of customers to the different places for a tasting and tasting of the different culinary flavors of the area. They have about 35 locations as Restaurants, Coffee, Chocolate makers product and Wine Producers.
These are potential merchants that previously did not use Dash, but are now interested because of active advertising campaigns. EdwarV highlighted that the most common question he gets asked by interested merchants and consumers is if Dash is safe, since it is an unfamiliar topic to them. This further highlights the need for concise community education campaigns and overall community involvement to achieve more adoption. EdwarV also has the support of FINTECH VZLA, a local Venezuelan FinTech organization, which further helps his credibility when appealing to potential new merchants to integrate Dash.

<strong>Dash harnesses multiple outlets to spread awareness</strong>

The Dash community recognizes that to achieve mass adoption of cryptocurrency, many individuals have to be informed of cryptocurrency and Dash. While many in the first world have at least heard of cryptocurrency, the technology isn't designed specifically for them. Cryptocurrency can help the very poorest individuals with a safe and inexpensive way to store their wealth, however, reaching these individuals is difficult. Dash employees radio ads, static <a href="">advertisements</a>, community outreach <a href="">groups</a>, and on-the-ground <a href="">activism</a>.

Dash can leverage its advertisements into actual users since Dash is designed with simple usability in mind. Additionally, <a href="">groups</a> like Dash Help and Dash Merchant – Venezuela specifically provide assistance to individuals in Latin America looking to get setup with Dash. They even help consumers setup their affordable <a href="">KRIP phones</a> that come pre-loaded with key Dash apps and is an excellent on-boarding channel for Dash. Since Dash votes on how to allocate the network treasury to fund its own development, it has taught community members and masternodes to optimize results and strategies. One of the effects from this is the <a href="">Dash Watch</a> team, which is tasked with reviewing current and past proposals and reporting to back to the community. This is not something other cryptocurrencies can claim, so while some criticize Dash for its community-funded advertisement, it has actually improve the overall Dash community and created a more robust cryptocurrency. <br /><center><hr/><em>Posted from <a href=''>Dash News</a> : </em><hr/></center>     
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· @thecryptoninja ·
Debating Gold vs. Bitcoin Investments
<center> </center>

Everyone is abuzz about Bitcoin investment these days. We see many people around us discussing its cons and several others investing in it.

Well, to invest or not is a decision that may need some pondering however wouldn’t it be wise to at least acquaint yourself with this new concept? There must be something good about it after all it is becoming a hot favorite among investors. We are just hinting that investing some portion of the portfolio in Bitcoin  is a good idea for it offers numerous advantages over our age-old modes of investment with the major one being that it is easier to move and use.


As a renowned economist, Jim Rickards, said, <b>“Gold is a great way to preserve wealth, but it is hard to move around. You need some kind of alternative and Bitcoin fits the bill. I’m not surprised to see that happening”. </b>

To get a better insight about the benefits of investing in Bitcoin , we suggest you go through  the article by Wayan Garvey

 <center> </center>

# Upvote and Share. Keep watching for more blogs. 
 # Haiyyaaahh!!

 <center> </center>
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· @sherin3 ·
STEEM matched with USD on Bittrex? Show them we need it on Twitter!
It's very basic you should simply answer their twitter remark area with '$STEEM' or '$STEEM and SBD' similarly as I did underneath;

This activity won't take a lot of your time (scarcely 10 seconds). @oracle-d is without giving upvotes to whoever partakes and demonstrates confirmation through thier remark segment.

It will only take a few seconds, your support is very important, we are a great community that can do great things if we propose it. 

click this link:

I would love my good friends to join the campaign  @mango-juice @rehan12 @ifeoluwa88 @akomoajong @donefezy @selina2
· @ahmedtahir6330 ·
Currency Worth in Future
Hello All Friends! How we can Identify the and knows the worth of currency in future ?
we have to search about this on google trends or their alternates So the main thing we have to notice Is that the usage of  currency is fast is the best site to get all information from his and we have to search about the owner of that currency which you have to buy etc.............................