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Discovery of a gigantic cousin of mammals

Researchers have discovered fossils from a new genus of 'gigantic dicynodont'. Read more at
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Newslink: Spock speaks of doomsday in latest trailer for Star Trek: Discovery Season 2

> The new trailer for the second season of Star Trek: Discovery goes very heavy on Ethan Peck's Spock and we're not complaining in the slightest. Right off the bat, we get an "Uncle Ben" moment from the cool, calm, and collected Vulcan, who warns that the fate of the universe is currently in the balance.
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<center><a href='!/v/derrotero/2qbyk218'><img src=''></a></center><hr>

Aterrizaje perfecto de la nave discovery, en la pista de aterrizaje en houston texas nave tripulada,vuelo de reconocimiento espacial.
fuente del audio :
fuente del video :

<hr><a href='!/v/derrotero/2qbyk218'> ▢️ DTube</a><br /><a href=''> ▢️ IPFS</a>
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Last Year, In Science

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"Mysterious #Facts about Owls..(A SYMBOL OF DEATH)"??
Did you Know.."The flight of Owl is Silent"!


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Stone-Age European Hunters, The First Americans?
### <center>Just a little twist in the plot... No big deal!</center>


![Steem line 2.png](

<div class="text-justify">

### <center>Everything (and everyone) is native to this earth and universe right?</center>

Native or invasive, is an extremely long and complex discussion (a very sensitive one as well) that I wish to only skim the surface.  When you think about it, *everything (and everyone) is native to this earth and universe right?* 

### How long does it take for someone or something to have *native status* in our world? 

When it comes to the plant kingdom, people have strong opinions towards *eradication* of invasive species, there is also a mountain of solutions 
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Anti Gravity is Possible with latest Discovery..This Could change the WORLD
Here is an article written about the Dark matter and Dark Energy.
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The most dragon-like creature in the world
The most dragon-like creature in the world, in China, it is MANGYUAN
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Plant Compound Has Therapeutic Effect on Complications from Snakebites

**Immunizing** agent venom can viably treat the significant indications of snakebites, in any case, there are no known treatments successful for regular auxiliary entanglements. Venom poisons from Bothrops jaraca (spear headed snakes) may trigger dying, upset oxidation decrease in cells, and restrain the body's capacity to quit dying. Scientists infused both venom and rutin into a gathering of mice, at that point broke down blood and tissue tests to comprehend what effect(s) assuming any, the rutin had on pathophysiological occasions activated by Bothrops jararaca venom. 

**The** components of clinical entanglements in patients chomped by B. jaraca snakes are not surely knew and antibody treatment is restricted in its capacity to treat the full exhibit of inconveniences that may happen following a snakebite. Future investigations will be important to
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The latest 7 news about the moon, 2018:



1) Former CIA pilot: The moon is inhabited by β€œgray”, and Earth is the prison planet of 

John Lear, the former CIA pilot claims that the Moon not only is habitable, but also has a population of about 250 million humanoids. 

Prior to working for the CIA, John Ler served as a captain in the US air force, and he had more than 100 certificates for piloting the corresponding number of aircraft and helicopters for resignation. 

After his dismissal from the CIA, John Lehr has been involved in private investigations of anomalous events related to Area 51 in Nevada for many years and has been working hard to uncover a conspiracy around US government contacts with aliens. 

β€œYou demand photographs and other evidence 
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Keep exploring the Best of you !!!

The Moment you self discover yourself its the moment that you achieve something big in life no matter how crazy or worse that thing gonna be but doing things which makes you happy means a lot you will either make it or break it there is no more worse than that.

If all keep thinking about others no discoveries would have been possible in this world today you have to do things differently.

The way you do it matters the most and if you do on other actions that doesn't even make sense because in the end you don't learn anything from it but if you do from your perspective you know where the things went wrong or right.

So discover everyday in this world and be yourself always :) 

Keep exploring steemians and have a great day :)

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This Is The Greatest Modern-Time Discovery- Newly Discovered Species!

<h1>Here Is The Amazing Discovery - A FULL DOCUMENTARY</h1>

I came Across some videos that were stunning several years ago - one particular video caught may attention and has been burned into my brain.

I currently can't find that video that was so powerful as it seems to have been wiped from the internet.
It was of a man on his boat coming back from a long day of fishing when a mermaid popped out of the water holding onto the side of his boat with its webbed hands - which scared the witts right out of the old man as he fell in shock & terror, which also scared off the mermaid who flipped off back into the water. It was so clear that that video in of itself was strong proof of they're existence.

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Global Data Discovery Market 2018 Trends and Competitive Landscape Outlook -2023
The 'Global and Chinese Data Discovery Industry, 2013-2023 Market Research Report' is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the global Data Discovery Market with a focus on the Chinese market. The report provides key statistics on the market status of the Data Discovery manufacturers and is a valuable source of guidance and direction for companies and individuals interested in the industry. Firstly, the report provides a basic overview of the industry including its definition, applications and manufacturing technology. Then, the report explores the international and Chinese major industry players in detail.

Key Company Profile Discussed in report:
Tableau Software Inc
Datawatch Corporation
Datameer Inc
Tibco Software Inc
Cloudera Inc
Birst Inc
Clearstory Data
Oracle Corporation
Microstrategy and other companies

Request Free Sample of Data Discovery market report at Β Β Β Β Β Β Β 

The Data 
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US, Japan duo win Nobel Medicine Prize for cancer therapy
<center><img src='' alt='share-with-dlike.jpg' /></center>  


 Two immunologists, James Allison of the US and Tasuku Honjo of Japan, won the 2018 Nobel Medicine Prize for research into how the body&#39;s natural defences can fight cancer, the jury said on Monday.  Unlike more traditional forms of cancer treatment that directly target cancer cells -- often with severe  


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The Discovery of the Decade: Divers of portugal has discovered a 400 years old ship wrek in portugal
According to the driver team the ship was sailed the spice route between India  and Europe. And It was returning back sometime between 1575 to 1625.
The wreck site, which sits about 40ft below the water surface, is about 330ft long and 165ft wide.

According to the statement of project director jorge , the ship was very well preserved . 
He declared that from the perspective of Heritage this is the discovery of Decades.

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Start Magazine
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 <p>"The Holy Grail of paleontology" is here!&nbsp;</p>  


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Crypto Stamps ... A story from our Futuristic Past ...

Everything started after i've discovered this newspaper above, lost somewhere in Time ... Maybe some of you will ask ... "Does he has this in original?" Is this relevant? 

 I like "Zimbrulu & Vulturulu" ... as a start for our story about stamp/postal mark and a lil'bit historical itinerary of this amazing achievement in time of the postal spectrum, expecially in the area where i'm coming from ... related with the Dacic Empire and the Roman Empire as well.

So ... here we start our short journey ... back in Time ...

Prior to the Roman conquest, natural roads, especially along the rivers, ensured the important links across Dacia. The Romans expanded and in Dacia they conquered their roads, and alongside them a whole network of post offices was built as in the rest of the empire.

After a long period of extinction of any post office under the oppression of migrations, with the birth of more import
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Psychological Effects
That explains how human brain works : 


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A great archaeological discovery in Egypt
The Egyptian archaeological mission, which works on the project of lowering the groundwater level in the Koum Imbo temple north of Aswan province, discovered a statue made of sandstone of the Sphinx. It was announced today in the remarks of Dr. Mustafa Waziri, Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities. To the Ptolemaic period, where it was found in the south-east of the Kom Ombo temple in the area between the outer wall and the archaeological hill, the same site that was discovered a month ago on the sandstone of King Ptolemy V.
In his remarks, Archaeologist Abdel Moneim Said, Director General of the Aswan and Nubia Antiquities, said that the mission will complete its archaeological studies on the discovered statue to find out more archaeological and historical information about it. He pointed out that the two previous paintings date back to the time of King Ptolemy V, and are made of sandstone with hieroglyphics and demotic writings They were transferred last week to the National Museum of Egyp
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Life Is A School You Never Graduate From
''The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.'' - Lao Tzu


Live moment by moment, as you never know when could be your last.
It starts now.
Love as if it could last forever, even if forever does not exist.
Learn something new everyday, as there is no ending to knowledge.
We can always learn more about ourselves, about others, about the world.

''Speak to your children as if they are the wisest, kindest, most beautiful and magical humans on earth, for what they believe is what they will become. '' &#128150;

Beautiful quote that expresses how important it is to raise kind children.
Raising kind kids is a goal worth striving for!
If we wish to build a better, healthier and much improved world, it all starts with how we choose to raise our own children.
To all the parents who were brave enough to decide to forever have their heart go walking around outside their body, you ought to do the best yo
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