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Divergents climbing together [Weekend Quote 8]

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Divergent 2014 Full Movie Online
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Plot SummaryIn a world divided into factions based on personality types, Tris learns that she's been classified as Divergent and won't fit in. When she discovers a plot to destroy Divergents, Tris and the mysterious Four must find out what makes Divergents dangerous before it's too late.
Release:2014–03–14Rating:6.9/10Country:United States of AmericaLanguage:EnglishRuntime:139 min.Genre:Action, Adventure, Science FictionStars:Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Kate Winslet, Miles Teller, Ray Stevenson, Maggie Q
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From Engineer to Psychologist

The journey from engineer to psychologist. An interview by my daughter, the photographer.
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Wise Man Words About Divergent 
 It isn't just brave that she died for me; it is brave that she did it without announcing it, without hesitation, and without appearing to consider another option.  
 Author: Veronica Roth
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My favorite movie is DIVERGENT
This time I want to share with the steemans about my favorite movie that I collect on my video play list.

This is a film taken from the novel veronica roth. 

here is a picture that I use screnchot to list stradara and player.

This is the main character

thanks to the steemians who have read my post..
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I'm steemian I'm divergent too
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Hello!!!! Welcome to my new blog
My name is Okarina Torres, Venezuelan-Capital Caracas, I was born on May 5, 1993. I am the mother of two beautiful children.

My zodiac sign is Taurus; I am very calm, I consider myself a person with a lot of patience and a gift for saving, I love peace, tranquility and I am very respectful. My favorite color is Blue, I identify with it a lot because it means greatness as well as sea and sky.

I love reading and writing !!! I've been doing it since I was little ... it's not that I have a particular theme, I'm going about what is going on in my life, I do not do it in the same way, I do stories, some real others from the source of my imagination, sometimes only what catches my eye photography. I'm shy at the beginning and that writing, for those who do not, is a balm to the soul ... endless source of communication (something that I write clarifies me, and stays with me). I used to do it in my pascualinas (Diary of my childhood)

I wrote my anecdotes and my pranks every day, over the years my love for writing was growing and from today I want to share with you my talent for writing, Thanks to my friend @AngeliOli I discovered this page, I hope you like it and enjoy it.
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Divergent || My Favorite Book Series #5
### Hello, Steemit friends!

Let's talk about Veronica Roth's 'Divergent' series, now popular for it's big screen, live action adaptations. Unlike most other good series, Divergent wins us, not by its characters (of which only 2 or 3 are remarkable), but by its incredible plot twists and the sense of mystery that permeates the entire series. It explores numerous themes at once, most notably the theme of Choice, of facing your fears, the themes of segregation, discrimination, and abuse of power, and at last, of the perfection in mankind as we are. It does this in post-apocalyptic, dystopian, science fiction settings --a city in ruins, and then a world ravaged by war.

![images (7).jpg](

> **SYNOPSIS**: In a city where people are known and segregated according to their primary attribute and aptitude towards one of five factions, Beatrice Prior discovers she is Divergent --having multiple attributes and aptitude towards more than one faction, therefore fitting nowhere. Still, when the time comes, she chooses the faction Dauntless over her family's Abnegation, shortens her name to Tris, and tries as hard as possible to hide her divergence, a word which carries with it unknown dangers and horrors. Together with Four, her new boyfriend and dauntless mentor, she must find out what makes her divergence so dangerous --a journey which leads them to discoveries that shake the foundations of everything they thought they knew about themselves, their city, and the world.

### The Characters 
![images (12).jpg](

Although there are many, most characters presented in the series are quite unilateral and unremarkable. This isn't an error --in fact, the entire premise, as revealed in the third and final book *'Allegiant'* is based on precisely that. The only really colorful characters are the divergent, and Tris, having the most divergence, is the most colorful of all.
The story is told from her perspective, and the mysteries unfold through her --the 16-year old abnegation turned dauntless. We follow Tris as she discovers herself and the reasons for her choices. She is relatable because, in that world of one-sided humans, she is *us*, and the uncertainties that plague her are those that plague us --who she is, her place in the world, her ability to succeed, her family, her love, her friends, and the question of being able to show courage when times call.
Tobias Eaton, aka Four, is at first enigmatic. However, many of the series themes are presented through him, through his family and life choices. Other characters like Tris' brother Caleb, her friend Christina, and the ever betraying Peter show us the view from the low end of the divergence pole, and the leaders of the city, in many ways the villains of the series, bring in the conflict in a political landscape like no other. 

### A Sense of Mystery...
![unnamed (7).png]( 

The Divergent series thrives on a sense of mystery. From the very beginning, the questions 'What's going on?' and 'What happened here?' are formed in the reader's mind and they are never really answered until the very end. This is heightened by the way Tris narrates --for her everything is normal and needs no much explanations. For us, it's not. And many questions go unanswered because she doesn't know the answers either. Still, amidst all these, the story ploughs on, luring us into a false sense that the mysteries are just a part of setting --until they are brought back, usually with a jaw dropping twist.
This sense of mystery is permeated into the story in many ways. For instance, the series begins with Tris (still Beatrice at the time) thinking of how she is only allowed to look into a mirror once in three months, which is an absurd rule for any normal person. But we are not given an adequate explanation... *yet*. And then nothing is said about what caused the city of Chicago to be in ruins until the end of book two *'Insurgent'*.
The very fact of Tris' divergence alone makes us wonder --by all descriptions and by her thought processes which we read, she is, in fact, normal, and everyone else isn't. But the reason for that isn't given either. Instead, the question is swallowed up in her trying to fit in at Dauntless, hiding her divergence, and trying to defeat first Jeanine, then Four's mother, Evelyn.

### Incredible Plot Twists

The answers to most of the mysteries in the series bring with them jaw-dropping twists that change the plot and sometimes, the very premise completely. 
The twists begin from Book 1 when *both* Tris and Caleb leave their parents' faction, to finding out their mother, the perfect model of abnegation, was born a Dauntless. Bigger plot twists come up in Tobias' mother, Evelyn, who was long thought dead, the not-so-disarrayed factionless, and the biggest of all, in the message from Edith Prior that reveals the whole thing to be an experiment. 
The very story ends on a twist --Tris' death, which was perhaps one too many.

### Relation to the Movies

Shockingly, the Divergent movies are actually way better than the books, giving a better feel for the technology of both the city and the Genetics Bureau. The final part of the movies, based on the concluding half of Allegiant is currently in production and will be titled *'Ascendant'*

### The 'Four' Books
![images (9).jpg](
In addition to the three main books, Veronica Roth wrote five more, all of which are accounts of some of the samehappenings from Four's point of view.

**What did you think on the Divergent Series? Awesome, enjoyable, merely passable, or just stupid?**

## Upvote, Comment, Resteem
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Framing of words and divergent intentions
I joined Steemit since it is a great platform  for posting content and planned to improve upon it in due course of time. I am not *Shakespear* and my posts are simply a means to share ideas and improve. Steemit is not a part time job and i never hoped to become a millionaire through it (Realty check). But, i can post stories that are representing my view point and others have freewill to discard it. I did not know that uninvited posts are not welcome and is frowned upon. If an argument requires elaborate explanation, than i would seek to explain it in an elaborate way. 

Divergent intentions for personal attack on the post, just to undermine someone is not something that should be practised. In such situations, an answer is necessary to disagree. A sensitive post in itself is *politically incorrect* and there is elephant in the room once it starts. It is not a gagging platform as per my understanding unless you post obscene or derogatory comments. I know there are presence of *troll and spam cells*, but there is a line, which should not be crossed by both sides.
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CES 3D Printed Cars from Divergent 3D
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2015 Divergent Blade - Jay Leno's Garage
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Everything Wrong With Divergent
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My seven jobs – They call it gig economy, I call it happy divergent life
“What do you do for work?”. I often feel unease when people ask me this question and I bet that I’m not the only one.
In my case, I should answer: “I don’t have a job”. 
“Are you unemployed?” some ask.  
No, I’m not unemployed. I actually work incessantly from dawn till dusk. Still, **I don’t have a job, I have several jobs**. 
## Farmer -1 -
In the morning, when I wake up, I usually fill the stove with wood and light it. Then, I go to the chickens and let them out to eat some fresh grass. Then breakfast: bread, butter and a delicious egg. During the day I always dedicate some time to the garden, taking care of the veggies, cutting some wood, and - in the long term - creating [an interdependent cryptofarm](
## Blogger -2-

Just like you, on the other side of the screen, I discovered Steemit and I’m enjoying, for the first time of my life, a remuneration for what I share.

![header cryptofarmer2.JPG](
## Cryptotrader -3-
In the past, I never got involved in trading. I had some friends who enjoyed buying and selling stocks, but I never got interested in it. Everything changed with cryptocurriences: I enjoy the sense of freedom, of self-regulation, of pioneering new markets without too many regulatory burdens. Trading cryptos I had some loss and some gains. I’ll never forget what it means to hold an asset (Ether)when it appreciates more than 50% in less than 8 days. Many of you may have experienced even more extraordinary gains; for me that time was like windfall.![eth.JPG](

## Artisan -4-
Thanks to @cryptowife I learned how to make and sell artisan creations. Our principal product are bracelets, rings and necklaces made with macramé, a waxed polyester string. Last autumn she created a scarf [collar bufanda]( that sold well. When we are in Chile we sell near the seaside; in Italy we join artisan markets (*mercatini dell’artigianato*). 
![IMG_1500 (1).JPG](
*One of our "shop" on the Ligurian seaside*

## Teacher -5-
Last month, in April, I went to six different school to teach an introductory lesson on economics. In fact I studied as economist and I was asked to teach student the basic differences between a free-market and a central-planning economic system. ![IMG_2679.JPG](

In the last months I also had some  other “jobs” - I rather call them money-generating activities.

## Forager -6-
When we were in Chile, last March, we experienced a drop in our artisan sales. That was caused by children going back to school, in the first week of March, together with their parents.  Beaches suddenly empty and nobody was more interested in buying bracelets. We had to re-invent ourselves. As it was blackberries season, we created a simple and romantic work routine: pick them up early in the morning, back home to wash and wrap them, then sell them outside. We both sold door to door or on the street. 
*The trolley I used for selling blackberries: "Eat blackberries (mora) and get in loved"*

## Writer -7-
Last months I also made some money - not much honestly -  from the book I wrote on economics.![IMG_2747.JPG](
*Few years ago I had more time to think and I'm mostly concerned in living my ideas*

# The point

There was a time when people were known by their profession. My father was "the lawyer", my mother "the english teacher", my uncle "the optician". In that time of great economic stability, people used to perform a single job during their life. I never felt good for that, as I have always enjoyed doing not just one, but many things in my days. I found it hard to fit into this system. Just like me, many people were told in their adolescence to take a choice for their entire life. "Choose wisely what you study in order to get a good job and one day you'll have a rich pension and you will be able to do what you want". I'm sure that many of you have heard that refrain. Honestly I feel lucky to live in a time when this kind of ideas are being challenged by the reality, when it becomes clear that such kind of life is a trap. College bubble, unemployment, pension crisis; all words that put in danger that kind of dream. That has never been my dream. I'm glad that I can perform many tasks, that my days never look the same, and - in particular - that I can always [learn new things by doing them](
Yesterday night I was watching for the first time the movie "Divergent" and I realized that many of the obstacles I find in my life come not just from what I do, but from not fitting inside a label (a faction, in the movie's term). 
**"What do you do for work? Are you an economist? Are you a writer? Are you an artisan?" All of them and much, much more.
Happy divergent life.**
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Divergent Trilogy Review (Rating 5 Stars)

Review: The Divergent Trilogy 

   The world famous book series that is easily a best-seller, the ever so popular, Divergent Trilogy. Veronica Roth, the author of this fantastic trilogy took four years to come up with the final idea of “Divergent”. The three epic books in this series which you probably already heard of are: Divergent, Insurgent and Allegiant.

 This stunning series starter is one of the best and is also very one-of-a-kind. It’s the type of book that can easily get you wrapped up in the story-line. Divergent is an intense novel which, in my opinion, is a great thing to have in books because it makes the reader wish to continue reading. This book in particular, more so than the other books in the series, pulls you into the mysterious void of Divergent. It starts the series off with such detail that everything you read continues to become more and more in-depth. You can easily visualize everything from the beginning all the way through to the end. The one thing I do not like about the series is how different the movies are from the books because it changes the majority of the series. Although they both have the same concept, it leaves out most of the major details.

  Insurgent is one of the best, it has a lot of parts that sound very dramatic. This book is a perfect flow straight from the Divergent ending. In my opinion, this book is a bit boring because nothing big or important happens to make it stand out from the rest of the books but it is necessary if you want to read Allegiant. I think most books have similar situations which create conflict between characters in the same way that Veronica did so I would say that Insurgent is a bit unoriginal. Otherwise, in the end it is really a great novel that you really just can’t put it down to stop reading.
  Allegiant, the last book in the series, caused most readers to have different emotions and feelings for. Allegiant is a type of book very similar to Divergent in the sense that it reels you in after reading only one page of this mysterious novel. I prefer this book over all the rest in the Divergent series because it is unlike any other book I have read before. It has a twisted plot that keeps you on the edge of your seat. This is a marvelous cannot-put-it-down-book which ends the Divergent trilogy series. The series that changed everyone’s dreams, the series that changed everyone's opinion on books, the series that changed . . . EVERYTHING!           

      Rating: ★★★★★
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