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To the victims of the disappointments

To the victims of the disappointments, to those who love the calm away from the noise of the world ... to the introversives - as some call them - to those who prefer silence much instead of a lot of speech ... to those who prefer to escape in their rooms and busy themselves leaving others  ... 
To those who love the night and eagerly wait for him to prepare the stars and flirt with the moon, to exchange them for the yarn ... to those who are guided by the devil for their thoughts and say, God forbid, to those who have tasted the bitterness of life that they have tasted until their profit and loss will be ... to those who suffer. To the pain of others and rejoice to their joy and if they are not happy, to Who are waiting for something from anyone because they realized that 
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Good morning
Love to share this quote which was share in my social media group. ![image](
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Friday Rocks | #10
<center>This is my tenth post since I started to take part in #fridaysrock, initiated by @nat-expressions.

Today let me show you this piece of onyx . Onyx differs from agate as the bands are parallel. Both are varieties of layered  silicate mineral chalcedony. Agate has curved bands.

The piece I have is with layered texture and the colour is pale.



Side view.


The close-ups show how many the layers are as well as the different colours. Now they are more distinctive.




Like many other minerals, there are varieties of onyx in colour. I have two small figures made of onyx. They definitely does not look like the piece above.


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Banjir Besar
Ini adalah gambar masyarakat sedang berlalulalang melewati jalan nasional Banda Aceh - Medan yang sedang antrian sepajang beberapa kilo meter karena tidak bisa lewat banjir besar melanda dibeberapa kecamatan di kabupaten Bireuen. 
Kecamatan yang terkena banjir yaitu kecamatan peudada dan juli yang sangat parah dikampung-kampung air mencapai 1 meter lebih rata-rata masyarakat terpaksa mengungsi ketempat yang lebih tinggi dan aman sedangkan harta benda yang di dalam rumah semua terendam air bahkan ada rumah yang hanyut dibawa arus air banjir dipedalaman. 
Kejadian ini terjadi pada hari kamis kemarin sampai malam hari,  banjir ini datang dikarenakan hujan deras yang turun kemarin hampir sehari penuh,  dan yang lebih parah lagi khusus di kecamatan peudada tanggul tempat penampungan air ( waduk)  hancur karena tidak sanggup menahan beban lagi air Sudah penuh sehingga tanggul patah dan hancur itu yang menyebabkan banjir besar melanda masyarakat Dikecamatan tersebut
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Ulog#41 Guam part 10
Hi Guys!
I decided to walk to that island. And there was a patch of sand while walking there and I wrote this. 
Everytime I feel troubled I always rely on Him. My prayers may not be answered not but I know for some reason there will always be a reason for this. 

The cool part of walking to that island was the highest that the water reached was only until my belly.
I'm really surprised that the water was so shallow going there. I'm still wondering how could it be so shallow. 

I brought a small bag with me going there and it didn't even get wet. The fun part was you can see some of the fishes. I still remember that person who was infront of me was a Japanese guy carrying his child going to that island.
I actually reached the island. A
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ကြၽန္ေတာ္တို႔ ကဗ်ာဝါသနာ႐ွင္ေတြ ဧရာဝတီျမစ္တြင္း
ေျမႏုကြၽန္းေပၚမွာ ႏွစ္စဥ္ ကဗ်ာရြတ္ပြဲ က်င္းပေလ့႐ွိတာကို 
ေျပာျပရင္း ကဗ်ာေလး တင္ေပးလိုက္ပါတယ္။
က ြၽ န္​ း မ ႀကီ း

​ေန႔တိုင္​း ဒုကၡနဲ႔
ညတိုင္​း သုကၡနဲ႔
ဒုကၡ သုကၡနဲ႔ဘဝ​ေတြ​ေပါ့

ျမစ္​ယံ သဲႏု ကမ္​းစပ္​
ခ်စ္​သံ​ေတးျမ ၾကည္​ၾကည္​လြင္​
ကဗ်ာငွက္​က​ေလး​ေတြ ပ်ံခ်င္​ၾကၿပီ

ကြၽန္​း​ေပၚကို လူ​ေတြက ​ေရာက္​တ
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The last Sip - Texas GuacaJoes
# The last Sip - Texas GuacaJoes

The last cup of Margarita at Guaca Joe's was an memorable drink as the last day before I bid an Audie. 


The restaurant is always open after the late hrs and only place we love to visit 


It's an authentic mexican restaurant and serves salsa instantly once you are placed.


Have a great day☺️☺️
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Heart Language


In my heart language I describe a handful of prayers
asking and forgiving in the name of love
courageous in mastering jealousy
to be able to foster a dim love
whatever loyalty I have
but this heart is still one for you
how far you run
I stay behind you ...
even though there are lives wasted
I'm willing
do you understand there
my palace remains intact as before
full of jokes and laughter
and the flowers that you leave are still blooming
in my prayer I pray
i keep your love ....
I take care of your heart ...
I keep watching ...
do you want to know pray for him?
"Yes Rabbi ..
Because he is my hope
because he is my life
and because he was ...
the bearer of your love for me
However ...
if you give him to me ...
For your majesty.
I dare to lose him now
but meet me with him
In Your Eternity Day later "

Dalam bahasa kalbu ku uraikan segenggam doa
meminta dan mengiba ata
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Strong Woman (Part 17)
She is a strong woman. She is currently undergoing surgery. Waiting for any updates. It doesn't take long for the surgery to finish.

Meanwhile, the story about this strong woman is my mother. It's been 11 years since she's passed, and I started this series few days before the anniversary of his death.

We've been waiting outside until the operating room opened. She's brought out, and she's conscious. She's releasing a sound from her voice that's sounded uneasiness of what she's feeling. She looked at us while they are pushing the bed she's lying to. I actually feel bad seeing her. She looks as if asking for help, but we cannot do any thing to make her feel better.

Then the doctor told us that we can now see her in the ICU but only 2-3 are allowed to get in. I didn't go inside yet. I don't know what to expect. I just hate to see her in tgat state. My siblings came in first, and waited for them to finish.

My turn came, but I was scared to see her condition. I went in, told her *I love you*. I rubbed her fore
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သူမႏွင့္ သူ (@aggamun)
# သူမ နွင့္ သူ

ယူထားတာ မရွိဘဲ …… ထပ္ ေပးခ်င္တဲ့ သူမ ……
စကားကို ၾကည့္ …… 
ေမတၱာ ေတြ ……… ( ရင္ကို ) ထိတယ္။
လုပ္ရပ္ကို ၾကည့္ …… 
သစၥာ ေတြ ……… ရွိတယ္။
ရလဒ္ကို ၾကည့္ …… 
ပညာ ေတြ ……… သိတယ္။

အကုန္ ယူျပီးေတာင္ …… ထပ္လိုခ်င္ေနေသးတာ သူ ……
စကား ကို ၾကည့္ …… 
အတၱနဲ႔ ……… ၿငိေနတယ္။
လုပ္ရပ္ ကို ၾကည့္ ……
ေမာဟ နဲ႔ ……… ပိေနတယ္။
ရလဒ္ ကို ၾကည့္ ……
ေလာဘ နဲ႔ ……… မိေနတယ္။

သူမ ႏွင့္ သူ ……
လူမ်ိဳးတူ ေသာ္လည္း 
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kenal dengan Tokoh yang kali ini kami hadirkan profil lengkapnya, yaitu Biografi Lengkap Ir. Soekarno. Beliau adalah salah satu tokoh terkenal di Dunia, siapa yang tak kenal dengan Presiden Pertama Indonesia ini, karna itulah kami menghadirkan profil, biodata dan Biografi Soekarno, dilengkapi dengan Perjalanan Karier Beliau. Nah untuk lebih lengkapnya, yuk kita simak saja Biografi Lengkap Soekarno dibawah ini.
![ketegasan-soekarno-dan-pesawat-rusia-teladan-bangsa-13.jpg]( ![images (1).jpeg]( ![images (3).jpeg](

Selebriti Profil - Ir. Soekarno (lahir di Surabaya, Jawa Timur, 6 Juni 1901 – wafat di Jakarta, 21 Juni 1970 pada umur 69 tahun) adalah Presiden Indonesia pertama yang menjaba
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Colorchallenge #thursdaygreen.
Dear steemian
a few weeks ago I examined rice plants.

when I was checking out I saw a lot of green and long-shaped planthopper.
I got this green leafhopper reproducing.

here are some photos that I took:



The #colorchallenge #wednesdaygreen contests initiated by @kalemandra.

Thank you for reading, I always value your support and comments.
your support becomes a pride for me.
please follow me and Resteem This Post.
Best regards @longberry
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Word Poetry Challenge #21 {Rainbow}


<center>**A peep into the happenings of a life time
Rendered in stories & songs of flawed rhymes
Soul tweedle the heart a duet
To commune str
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My pupils
Happy to see my pupils dancing and smilling.
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The 5E Tips To Keep Posting For Newcomer
Are you a newcomer to Steemit? Don't know what to post anymore on Steemit? Well, if you have this million-dollar question, I'm gonna try my best to help you deal with it! In fact, I've seen some many new Steemians who lost the battle even before it began!

>When the going gets tough, the tough keeps going! Trust me, I know!

I was in the same shoe as you did. In fact, we Steemians are struggling with the same problem as you do. Trying our best to post not just a content, but a quality content. Though once you get the hang of it, trust me, the sky is the limit!

Dear newcomers, when I first started Steemit, I was so excited to post. I posted a few posts and then that's it! I quickly dried out of ideas. I didn't know what went wrong. I kept on struggling to post but eventually, it didn't work out. Sounds familiar right? Yeah, that's you!

You have to take note, Steemit yearns for quality content. <b>*But, the next question is how?*</b>


<b>Your St
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🤫 Secret Santa 🎅🏻
## <center>Secret Santa Gift is in the House!</center>


##### <center>Last night after work I found a nondescript package waiting at the house. Upon closer inspection I see it is from **SSG Mermaid Co.** Now you may not know this, but *SSG Mermaid Co.* is a subsidiary of *Santa Inc.* Santa Inc. is headquartered at the North Pole. It is a **HUGE** 24hr/day operation. SSG Mermaid Co, on the other hand, is a smaller southern distribution center out of Saskatoon. ☺️🇨🇦</center>

### <center>Both are integral to ensuring the business of Christmas goes off without a hitch.</center>

##### <center>According to the envelope, this package includes the “***latest Mermaid game***”! Suitable for agess 3+. I think I will just pop this under the tree until Christmas Day. Don’t want to risk offending Santa before the rest of his deliveries arrive from the North Pole. ☺️</center>

### <center>Thank you Secret Santa
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### <center>Hello guys,</center>

It's been a while I posted anything here, so here I am today bringing myself to you guys again. Lol........ I hope someone missed me? 

What more can I say? what more can I do? 
I just need you all to know I'm back, and back for you, and back for all, and back for good. Lol..... 😂😂😂....... So I'm back with a poem! 

<center>![images (12).jpeg](</center>
<center><sub>[just staring at the phone.](</sub></center>


### <center>It's been a while!</center>

<center>It's been a while 
Like I haven't heard you 
Like man speaketh not
Nor she crieth not 
Maybe they ate nut</center>


<center>It's been a while 
Moving without motions 
Speaking without voice 
Matching without foots
Frowning without mien</center>


<center>It's been a while 
Living like it's late
Watching like it's vain
Happy like it's fame 
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**Kelp is a storehouse of all beneficial vitamins and, above all, iodine.**
 None of the plants has this amount of iodine.

It srengthens and activates all the body's immune responses.
Normalize metabolic processes, regulate water-salt balance.
Interferes with fast coagulability of blood and formation of blood clots.
Prevents the development of atherosclerosis. Thanks to iodine, cholesterol is not deposited on the walls of blood vessels.

and many-many other benefits...

So we can just go to a supermarket and buy a salad with kelp!
**Actually, NO.**

At least, in Russia.

**Here we can find something like this**

**First of all, it's full of chemical flavor enhancers and preservatives.**
But even we close our eyes and ignore this "great" fact, we face another huge problem!

**In supermarkets kelp is boile
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¡Hola resilientes!

Estoy esperando con ganas la llegada de la Navidad. Tenemos unos días de fiesta para poder disfrutar de la família y nuestros seres queridos.
Particularmente aprovecharé para hacer cosas para las que normalmente busco excusas, como por ejemplo leer, valorar como ha ido este 2018 y pensar como quiero que sea el nuevo año que empieza.

De momento os dejo con un gran árbol de Navidad que han montado en el centro de la ciudad, ha quedado estupendo aunque en la foto no se pueda apreciar del todo.


Un gran abrazo. 

Sed felices.
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