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Pillow Talk
[Photo Credit](


# Pillow Talk</center>


***<center>My pillow is wet with tears
She's the only one who hears
At night when I lie
Whispering into your ears</center>***


***<center>How I will embrace you when I see you
How I will kiss you because I miss you
Only my pillow knows my thoughts
With visions of your bra unhooked</center>***


***<center>I've never been bold, but not anymore
I want to caress you under the skies
Under the sheets there is a mound forming
Just with thoughts of you on this pillow.</center>***


![fredkese caps.png](
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· @zapper ·
Blabber 565
Burr... It's colder than normal here. I need to get used to this winter weather. It's been a little while...

#blabber #micro-blogging #experiment #itsbeginningtolookalotlikechirstmas
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Dragging myself into Monday
Well, I don't know about you but I'm not feeling that enthused this morning. It's Monday of course, that day of the week we all (probably) hate. I arrived at work an hour early this morning thinking I'll sneak in a solid hour of uninterrupted quality work in my office in the peace and quiet of the empty office...But no, it's not to be...I have no internet on my work desktop.

So, instead I've tethered my Macbook Air to my phone and I'm writing this. I'm disgruntled as I could have had an hour extra sleep but I'll just have to suck it up I guess, and get on with it. 

<div class="pull-right"></div>

Looking back I'd have to say I had a pretty good weekend overall. Yesterday my immediate work team and I went bowling which was a bit of fun. There was no real effort put in as far as the bowling went although we all had a good time. We brought partners and the ones who have kids brought them along too which was interesting, and noisy. Everyone had a bowl though and then afterwards 
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· @nana-nini ·
Keepsake corner

Just added the second cute little white wooden jewelry/make-up/vanity shelf yesterday. The one on the left.  Cause it compliments my other one.  On the right.

But this chest, from my Dad's childhood bedroom, has become a keepsake corner.


I have Dad's pipes and keys.


I have the glass angel from our daughter, the bear with heart from our son, and my Juggalo earrings....just because.  Between me and Tyler.  


Haven't had this curious carriage too long, but I have it.  Haven't seen another.  Yes, purchased the carriage at a thr
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Spotify 2018 - Indie Boi
Some good tunes this year
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Mahi mahi

-   --  -   - ---  -- - -  -- - -   -----   --  -  - ----  -    -   - --

We went fishing today in south Florida. What a sick afternoon of fun and more fun. The dolphin were running today and we got some really good ones. I know what’s on the menu for my dinner tonight. You all enjoy your evening

-- -   -    -  ---- -  -  --   -----   - - --  - - --  --- -   -  --   -

###### ![Steepshot_footer2.PNG]( Steepshot  [IPFS]( [IOS]( [Android]( [Web](
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Gaming with Bengy! NOW STREAMING: Fallout 4
<center><a href=""><img src="" alt="thumbnail" title="click to watch the live stream!" width="480px" height="270px"></a><h2>Gaming with Bengy! NOW STREAMING: Fallout 4</h2><strong>Category: gaming</strong><br>Sub-category: Mixed<br><a href=""><h2>Click here to watch the live stream!</h2></a><hr>

Alt gaming account for @bengy

Other games that I'm currently playing include:

XCOM2 with Long War Mod


Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Shadows of Mordor


Judgement: Apocalypse Survival Simulation


<hr><i>This post was generated from a live stream on <a href=""></a><i></center>
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· @freshblock ·
t-shirt designs, your thoughts?
These are old tshirt designs I have done.. Do you guys think I shoudl bring this back?
![tshirt flyer.jpg](
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· @mojo4you ·
A Very Elaborate Prank - Review - Comedy Central πŸ‘
Hello Steemers, this sketch will cause you LAUGH ATTACK! πŸ™‚
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· @nana-nini ·
My Goodwill find of the month.....
It's a pan.  Not just any ole pan.  It is French, Nouveau, Princess...what I think to be House.


Paid $3.99.


It is ceramic, has a glass lid, weighs a ton, and has this hefty big blue handle with a button.


Why the button?  It is a detachable handle.  Handy, huh?.  Stick it in the oven,  grab it out securely with is own handle.  


But I am more interested in value.  What I have found so far is it is worth more than $3.99.  They had two more.  Think I will stop in after work tomorrow and snatch up those other two.
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· @bidesign ·
#Googleyes πŸ‘€ (Googly Bidesign Character:07)
This is my y. googly eye character "Googly Darko". It looks like the rabbit in Donnie Darko.

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· @conradt ·
My Actifit Report Card: so much walking!
Final day in London today and it was (again!) full of walking and exploring. Today we went to Buckingham palace to watch the changing of the guards, and explore some more parts of London - fun!

Over 20k steps again today, and looking forward to some well deserved rest tomorrow!  <br><img src=""><br><table>	<tr>		<img src="">	</tr>	<tr>		<div class="text-center"><b>21819</b></div>	</tr></table><table>	<tr>		<img src="">	</tr>	<tr>		<div class="text-center"><pre><b>Walking</b></div></pre></div>	</tr></table><div class="text-center"><img src=""><a href=""><img src="
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· @zapper ·
Blabber 564
Seeing a little green in the markets. I wouldn't be surprised if we went back to the 1k 1200 level. I mean we're almost there...

#blabber #micro-blogging #experiment #bloddyhell
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· @emjoe ·
Fun time With Family
<center><a href='!/v/emjoe/lst3c7ep'><img src=''></a></center><hr>

In one song,  the artist sang "a house is not a home if your loved ones are not there". Hence,  the world will likely be boring without us meeting with friends and family from time to time. 

Such was the case yesterday at the wedding of a niece.  I and other younger cousins decided to catch some fun rolling around on a mini train.  Indeed,  family is everything. 

Watch the @dtube video to see them roll. 

<hr><a href='!/v/emjoe/lst3c7ep'> ▢️ DTube</a><br /><a href=''> ▢️ IPFS</a>
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· @paulag ·
[Day 4] "Doing PLANK" 1 min PLANK challenge for 30 days [30ε€©εΉ³ζΏζ”―ζ’ζŒ‘ζˆ°]
Wow found today hard.  Its only day 4, but in fairness I was skiing today so I'm sore anyways.  But I did get my 5 year old to join me and my husband and they did plants too :-)


Please feel free to join us if you are interested in our "Doing PLANK!" challenge!!!

To encourage people doing an easy exercise in a daily basis,
Spend ONE-MINUTE in doing PLANK.
Keep doing this for a month and you will see something is changing from your body.

We spent so much times sitting in the office everyday and we hardly move or workout after office hour. The thought of exercise are gradually slipping away from our daily life.
This planks challenge only takes ONE-MINUTE from you everyday
It’s very acceptable for everybody as I believe :)

How to join

Warm-up and prepare yourself to take the challenge
(If this is your first time to do PLANK, just take it e
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Words Story - Addictive Words Games
# Words Story
Addictive Words Games

## Screenshots
<center><img alt="Screenshot_2018-12-10-03-18-19-24.png" src=""/></center>

| <center><img alt="Screenshot_2018-12-10-03-18-40-98.png" src=""/><br><a href="">View Image</a></center> | <center><img alt="Screenshot_2018-12-10-03-18-49-04.png" src=""/><br><a href="">View Image</a></center> | <center><img alt="Screenshot_2018-12-10-03-19-00-11.png" s
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· @pele23 ·
My Actifit Report Card: December 9 2018
Cold, rain, wind and a very heavy field to play soccer on this morning! Still, we played a decent game and won 3-1! This afternoon the sun came out and we went for a great walk into nature.

Great productive day!


Pele23<br><img src=""><br><table>	<tr>		<img src="">	</tr>	<tr>		<div class="text-center"><b>7225</b></div>	</tr></table><table>	<tr>		<img src="">	</tr>	<tr>		<div class="text-center"><pre><b>Daily Activity</b></div></pre></div>	</tr></table><div class="text-center"><img src=""><a href=""><img src=""></a><a href="https://bit.
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Decoration on the top
As I posted some pictures related to the decoration in the  city center of Leeds. These are another one which is placed at the top of road so It was a little bit difficult to capture it. But I tried to take a clear shot by zooming it and also from some distance. Have a look: 






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· @isarmoewe · (edited)
@meins0815 und die gutsituierte Alte, Teil 7
Der Anfang der Geschichte zum Nachlesen:
<a href="">Teil 1</a>
<a href="">Teil 2</a>
<a href="">Teil 3</a>
<a href="">Teil 4</a>
<a href="">Teil 5</a>
<a href="">Teil 6</a>

<img src="">

Die Kutsche rumpelte also weiter durch den dunklen Wald und der Graf hatte einige Male das GefΓΌhl, sich gleich ΓΌbergeben zu mΓΌssen. Endlich wurde der Weg gerader und das Holpe
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· @zapper ·
Blabber 563
I did alright on my picks yesterday. Let's see how I do on NFL Sunday... Fingers crossed...

#blabber #micro-blogging #experiment #sportspicks
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