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Galactic sea
Galactic art united with the sea, undoubtedly a job that brought me some good hours, but of  ![20181030_123210.jpg](
which I am proud.<eleganceSignature><center>

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 **A place to show your skills**
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Galactic Centre in X-rays
![Galactic Centre in X-rays.png](
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Galactic Structure
![Galactic Structure.png](

Harlow Shapley (1920s): Size from globular clusters
Halo is metal poor and > 10 billion years old
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Galactics update with Kent Dunn August 2, 2018
Galactics update with Kent Dunn August 2, 2018 via @YouTube
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Ashtar via James McConnell, July 29th, 2018

I AM Ashtar.

And it is always a pleasure to be with you, to be able to share, to be able to experience along with you everything that is happening here on this planet and everything that is happening within you as the planet within yourselves for is always above and below. So above and so below. So within and so without.

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Galatic Light Lanagues - Are FUcking Amasing!

galatic lanaguages are seriousl misunerstood alot of the native americans spoke these languagues
not suprising they are looked at as backwards because they hold alot of power in them our race has yet 2 fully understand many things yet or reembeer.

some lanagues and many other things where literally given to us from other places many civlizations exchange things all the time its fun!
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Space travel flights from Virgin Galactic will take place from Europe
Virgin Galactic makes tremendous progress in creating technologies that will make a beautiful vision of a cosmic tourist come true. The company intends to prosper on the European market.

Over the last months, Richard Branson's company has been extensively testing the rocket engine in its VSS Unity spacecraft. Two months ago, the last test took place, during which the engine worked for 30 seconds, and the ship rose to a height of about 38 kilometers and crossed the sound barrier, reaching Mach 1.9 (2329 km / h)

After a successful test, VSS Unity started lowering himself altogether and landed on the airfield in the Mojave desert in California. The authorities of Virgin Galactic stated that although the engine fired quite hard and the whole ship was vibrating, further modifications should eliminate this problem.

The planned next experiment is getting us closer and closer to the first test manned flights. They are to take place in the following months.

Meanwhile, news comes to us about predicting the place fr
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I bought a tiny violin to play when my coworkers. Behold the Galactic Caterpillar!
I bought a tiny violin to play when my coworkers or girlfriend complain.

Behold the Galactic Caterpillar!
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The next successful test of the cosmoplan by Virgin Galactic

The VSS Unity spacecraft made the second flight at supersonic speed, the American company Virgin Galactic reports. The tests, recognized as successful, were held May 29, 2018 at the training ground in the Mojave Desert (California).

During the tests, the ship separated from the carrier aircraft WhiteKnightTwo, after which it switched on the rocket engine for 31 seconds, developing a speed of 1.9 Mach numbers (2267 km / h) and gaining a height of about 35 kilometers.

The purpose of the VSS Unity tests was to test the ship's flight control systems in a supersonic mode. In recent tests, passenger seats and related equipment were integrated into the spaceplane.

The first tests of VSS Unity in supersonic mode took place on April 5, 2018. Then the ship managed to develop a speed of 1.87 Mach numbers (2231 km / h). The previous 11 flights of the spaceplane, conducted since February 2016, passed without the i
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Newslink:Fly Along on a Virgin Galactic Test Flight in This Awesome Video

>  A new video lets you fly along on the second rocket-powered flight of Virgin Galactic's VSS Unity space plane, even taking you inside the cockpit.
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Global Natural Preservatives Sales Market Expected to Recover during the Forecast Period until 2025
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This report studies the global Natural Preservatives market sta
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042 Private Corporations and the Space Fraud Game - SpaceX - Crrow777 Radio Podcast
<center><a href='!/v/crrow777radio/6gq394fj'><img src=''></a></center><hr>

Crrow777 Radio Podcast Episode 42

Published on Feb 2, 2017

Private Corporations like SpaceX and Virgin Galactic are moving in on the space fraud game to replace space agencies and privatize the space lie. Even the charge of national security is granted these billionaires. A brave new world approaches with private corporations holding the keys. What do we actually know about what is called space - Very little in my view.

FULL episode posted for members at: Hope to see you there. 



<hr><a href='!/v/crrow777radio/6gq394fj'> ▢️ DTube</a><br /><a href=''> ▢️ IPFS</a>
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Galactic- The Moil (Live)
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe></br>galactic playing their song "the moil"
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Stargate Reunion
This weekend turned out to be so incredibly epic, magical, deeply transformational, and awakening on many levels. It feels like indeed we just moved through the stargate portal into the new dimensions of reality, opening ourselves up, and tuning into much higher frequencies of light. Connecting with the spirit of this volcanic land & resonating with the divine heart beat, we journeyed to the stars & we were able to remember of who we truly are. We anchored in our hearts, and it felt like we arrived Home, at the perfect place, at the perfect time, for this very special alignment of the celestial bodies, to activate, as galactic, multi-dimensional beings, coming back into the oneness. 
We brought there our art installation DragonFly GoddessCraft. 
It is always nice to see it coming to live, especially interacting with the vastness of the land, and changing light of the skies. 
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Legend of the Galactic Heroes - Die Neue These

Ratings: AniDB(7.95) Anime-Planet(7.6) MAL(7.5)

So. Future. There's 3 main human fractions in space, you know the drill, those who live on earth, vs some others, and there's a 3rd fraction not really in the picture - for now. And they have their battles in space. BUT WAIT, THERES MORE. Actually, it revolves around the 2 leaders of the "forces" - and their political navigations through situations.

What does this anime have? 2 cool characters. political maneuvering. Nice animation. Nice battles. Strategy.

For me, this is another really solid anime of 2nd quarter of 2018. I am really enjoying this.



Extra Info:
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Photography A galactic tennis ball

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[Dlive] [Live]I am playing ''Empyrion - Galactic Survival''

I am playing ''Empyrion - Galactic Survival''
Oyuna dair herşey burada

My live stream is at [DLive](
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[Dlive] [Live]I am playing ''Empyrion - Galactic Survival''

I am playing ''Empyrion - Galactic Survival'' New Mod

My live stream is at [DLive](
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A New Moon Spiritual Portal Will Open Soon So Plan Your Meditation Now! The Aires New Moon and Uranus will Trine the Galactic Center.
![black hole orgasm.jpg](


Let's talk about the GALACTIC CENTER. As you are looking out from EARTH, the center of our galaxy is 27+ degrees Sagittarius. We live in the Milky Way Galaxy, and at it's center is a black hole, at least scientists are 99% sure, but don't have final proof. This black hole is SO STRONG that thousands, hundreds of thousand, maybe millions of planets and solar system revolve around it like we revolve around the sun.

OUR SOLAR SYSTEM IS IN CONSTANT MOTION! DID YOU KNOW THAT? Our sun is moving at an average velocity of 828,000 km/h. YIKES. The sun actually pulls the earth and the other planets along as it moves.

Remember, that is you lived on another planet the Galactic Center would be in a different place. This is where i
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Trailer Game Galactic Civilizations 3 Official Intrigue
<iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>